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The Wounded Sky is a Star Trek novel, the 13th book in the numbered series of TOS novels published by Pocket Books. This volume was written by Diane Duane and released in December 1983.


A pretty alien scientist invents the Intergalactic Inversion Drive, an engine system that transcends warp drive and the Enterprise will be the first to test it! The Klingons attempt to thwart the test, but a greater danger looms when strange symptoms surface among the crew and time becomes meaningless.
Now Captain Kirk and his friends face their greatest challenge - to repair the fabric of the universe before time is lost forever!


The Enterprise is assigned to test a new propulsion system, based around a speck of material with infinite mass which will allow the ship to blink out of existence and reappear outside the galaxy. The Klingons attack once the Enterprise is out of Federation space and the ship turns a star supernova and uses the drive to evade them.

However, during the course of the inversions the crew experience hallucinations, seeing historical and future events they did not witness and each other's past experiences. Worse, their next jump is accompanied by another supernova and observation shows an area of space where entropy and the normal flow of time has ceased. The use of the drive has torn a hole with another universe where entropy does not exist.

The Enterprise journeys into the anomaly, where the crew see themselves travelling through a landscape to reach the being at the centre of the universe. Spock, Nyota Uhura and D'Hennish, a crewmember whose species perceive time differently, manage to communicate with the creature, giving it self-awareness for the first time, and convince it the breach between universes must cease. K't'lk, the scientist who invented the drive, is able to weave a universe for the creature to inhabit after they are gone and stays behind when the breach is sealed.

The Enterprise returns to its own universe where the effect of the breach has been reversed. Kirk finds that, as per her species' reproduction, K't'lk left behind an egg which hatches a new version of herself, who joins Scotty in working on the drive again.



Larry AledortAmekentraLia BurkeChristine ChapelPavel ChekovNiwa Awath-mánë ri d'Hennish enu-ma'QeDithraRhonda S. HalloranHemingKatha'satJaníce KerasusJames T. KirkK's't'lk/K't'lkMahásëLeonard McCoyMayri SagadyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluHarb TanzerNyota Uhura
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AesculapiusLudwig van BeethovenDabachDD Tauri VStephen DecaturJerrySusanneTashaT'k'rt'tY'tk't


109 PisciumAcamar systemaia'HnnrihsteiAlexandria IIAlpha ArietisAltair IVComa B patrol corridorHamalIota SculptorisMajoris CongeriesMarsRasalgethiRukbah VSa-na'MdeiheinSmall Magellanic CloudSolStarbase 18Zeta-10 Scorpii
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AndorAntares A IIDD TauriEarth (CaliforniaEuxineKazalkumLos AngelesPompeiiSan FranciscoStonehengeTripoliVan Nuys) • Luna (BianchiniFlamsteedHerigoniusJura Range) • Mirfak XI-C (Ten-Thousand-Step Stair) • OrualProcyon A (SerengetiMount Meritaja) • SadrTheta CarinaeVercingetorix IVVulcan

Enterprise locations

astrocartographybridgecorridorengineeringobservation loungequartersrecreation decksickbay

Starships and vehicles

Federation vessels

USS ArizonaUSS ArmstrongUSS BannockburnUSS BismarckUSS Bonhomme RichardUSS ChallengerUSS ClarkeUSS CondorUSS Constellation IIUSS ConstitutionUSS DataphdaUSS Divine WindUSS EilonwyUSS ErinnyeUSS EwetUSS Ferris's FollyUSS Henrietta LeavittUSS HypsipyleUSS InaieuUSS IndomitableUSS IntrepidUSS IsshasshteUSS John F. KennedyUSS KamëUSS LewisUSS LookfarUSS MalacandraUSS ManhattanUSS Marya MorevnaUSS M'hasienUSS Milton HumasonUSS Mor'anh Merin'henUSS Na'i'inUSS PotemkinUSS Q.E. IIIUSS Queen ChristinaUSS RansomUSS RaptorUSS ResoluteUSS Rodger YoungUSS SadatUSS SorithiasUSS SulamUSS SurakUSS Tao FengUSS ThermopylaeUSS T'LaeaUSS ValkyrUSS Yorktown

Klingon Defense Force vessels

IKS AmakIKS EnektiIKS KazaIKS K'j'khrryIKS KytinIKS MenekkuIKS OkuvIKS Tukab

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Bureau of Planetary WorksFederation Department of ScienceKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet Academy

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Acta Mega-Astrophysicalisadrenocorticotropic hormoneailurinalicorneallcallAlrothaltarArchitectrixArdrosam-Garie'mnuArtemis/Luna reflectorBallad of Orange and GreenBlack FleetCaledaxdilithiumflitterhumpback whaleinertrogeninversion driveJane's Fighting ShipskazoolandsharkM'hektathNeonornovapokerRofenisinSuspenarThinking PlanetUnifactorveriglasWolf-Rayet star



  • Although the Pocket Books chronology places this story in the year 2275, based on the experience of the crew and the level of technology described, the narrative makes repeated references to uniforms of the TOS style. The text describes uniforms resembling those of the mid-2260s decade, rather than the Star Trek: The Motion Picture-era uniforms that were in place circa 2271, which is also an issue with the cover art. This indicates that Starfleet used uniforms matching this description, of an intermediate style, for a time before changing again to the later maroon uniforms in use by 2278 (as established in TNG episode: "Cause and Effect").
  • The cover artwork was a painting by artist Boris Vallejo. In international editions of the book, a different painting was used, the same image that appears as the frontispiece to the deluxe edition of FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game.




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