The Young Hunter: A Klingon Folktale is an eight-minute animated Star Trek short, featured on the official website, on a page titled Klingon Fable: The Legend of Gorath. The short features an original story set on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, in two time periods, an unknown present day, and a story from the era of Kahless the Unforgettable.

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From (2003)
Cultures throughout the galaxy have relied on stories as a means of passing wisdom and history down to succeeding generations. On Earth, storytellers like the Brothers Grimm or Aesop have imparted morals to children and adults alike with their rich tales. So why shouldn't Star Trek's rich and vast tapestry of alien cultures have their own fables and folklore? Well, they do ...
In the "The Young Hunter," a Klingon boy on his first Targ hunt learns a valuable lesson about honesty, honor and boasting when his Grandfather tells him "The Legend of Gorath."


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BronalGorathGrackKrakunnamed Klingons
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Kahless the Unforgettable


PraxisQo'noSRoad to Kalmooth

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House of Bronal

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ambushassassinbanditbat'lethbeggarblood winecavejunglemek'lethmountainrivershoulderspearStory of GorathTargwarriorwater



  • Before the title card appears a title of "Star Trek: Fables and Folklore" is given, presumably indicating this was to be the first volume in series. However, no other films in the series were made.

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The present day of the story is described as "many years ago". In its year of release the series Star Trek: Enterprise set in the 22nd century was in production, and the movie Star Trek Nemesis had been released the previous year. In that context the short was probably set before the 22nd century, although it is entirely ambiguous about its chronology. A moon is seen in both the present and past sections of the story, in the past it is established as Praxis; so if the moons seen are the same moon the story would have to be set prior to 2293, the year in which Praxis was destroyed.


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