The Thelasa was a Federation shuttlecraft in Starfleet service in the early 25th century. Designated as a captain's yacht, Thelasa was assigned to the USS Enterprise-F in 2409. (STO short story: "Mirror Image, Part I", from Star Trek Magazine #44)

The ship might be named for the Thelasa-vei Province on Andor.


In late 2409 or early 2410, Captain Va'Kel Shon and Counselor Phillipa Matthias travelled from the Enterprise in the Tau Dewa sector block to Nukara Prime because all of the ship's shuttlecraft were on a survey mission. Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn had asked Captain Shon to interrogate the mirror universe prisoner Val Shon, held aboard USS Morgan. (STO short story: "Mirror Image, Part I")



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