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President Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria in 2327.

Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria (or Thelian for short) was an Andorian thaan born in the mid/late 23rd century. In the early years of the 24th century he served in Starfleet. He later entered politics, and was elected to the role of Federation President by 2325.

He was the Federation President when first contact was made with the Cardassian Union. (TTN novel: Taking Wing) Thelian attended a historic meeting with the Legarans at Vulcan in 2327, to which the Cardassians had been invited as observers. However, Cardassian efforts to sabotage the talks and assassinate the Legaran delegation, though disavowed by the Cardassian government, served to damage diplomatic processes, leading eventually to the Cardassian Wars. (comic: Enter the Wolves)

While in office, Thelian had a château built outside Paris to serve as his home. Château Thelian, as it came to be known, later became the official residence of the Federation President.

As of 2380, Thelian was the eldest surviving former Presidents of the United Federation of Planets, though in poor health. His health prvented him from attending the state funeral for former President Jaresh-Inyo on Mars that year. (novel: Articles of the Federation)

The dating of Enter the Wolves established Thelian served at least one term in office from 2325 to 2328; other dates given in the succession box below are conjectural.
President Thelian is depicted in Enter the Wolves wearing a Starfleet uniform, even though he would have had to leave Starfleet in order to run for office (as per Articles). One possibility is that he wore his uniform on formal occasions in lieu of Andorian formal dress, as is his right as a former officer.
In the "Shatnerverse" continuity, it is conjectured that he is succeeded by Hikaru Sulu.

Preceded by:
Gan Laikan
President of the United Federation of Planets
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