Theloss (born reference stardate 1/92) was a Tellarite Starfleet ensign, serving in the navigation and sciences departments of the USS Arkadelphia on stardate 2/18, under the command of Captain Ian Vellacora.

During the maiden voyage of Arkadelphia, Captain Vellacora relieved another enlisted navigator, Dronn, after Dronn scuffled with Theloss in a fight over the affections of Ensign Freara. (FASA RPG module: Decision at Midnight)

In the game statistics provided for the non-player characters, Theloss had 35% as a numerical rating of loyalty to Captain Vellacora, making it likely a dice roll would side Theloss with mutineers and assist them in relieving the captain of command. At one point in the book, Theloss was referred to as a lieutenant junior grade, despite his dossier listing him as an ensign.
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