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Themerians are an advanced space-faring civilization native to the planet Themere.

They are easily distinguishable from Humans.


Themerians advanced to the point of developing spacefaring raider spacecraft able to travel to the Kappa star system. The ships were maneuverable in battle and armed with missiles.


In the 2260s, Themerians attacked the planet Graktan. They were such a nuisance that Graktans invented a planetary defense system to stop them. Graktans executed Themerian captives by firing squad.

In 2267, two Themerian raiders attacked a Graktan battle cruiser in the Kappa system. The cruiser was under the command of Lektor and had James T. Kirk and Spock aboard. Spock quickly depressurized hull sections to provide evasive maneuvers while retaliatory missiles disabled the raiders. (TOS comic: "Creeping Death")

Their appearance remains a mystery, as they were not seen in the story.