Doctor Theodore "Theo" Haskins was a human male geologist born circa the early 2190s.[1]

Growing up, Haskins was extremely bright and focused on what interested him. By age 24 (in the late 2210s) he had earned a full professorship in geology.

Haskins was just at home in the field as in the classroom. He was a frequent member of planetary survey missions organized by the American Continent Institute and similar organizations, independently following up initial scans by Starfleet to catalog the resources and suitability for colonization of newly-discovered worlds.

In the late 2220s he was teaching at a university on Earth when Vina attended one of his courses, and they were drawn together. After that first semester, Vina shifted her coursework to other professors to avoid a conflict of interest, and her relationship with Theo blossomed. By 2231, she was his archivist and assistant, and she started traveling with him to field expeditions on faraway worlds.

During the return trip home of an expedition in 2236, Theo asked Vina to marry him. As fate would have it, their ship, the SS Columbia, suffered an accident of some sort, and before the ceremony could take place the ship had to attempt an emergency landing on Talos IV. Theo's last act was to force Vina into a refrigeration unit that would offer some small bit of extra protection, even as the ship was breaking up around him. That small bit was enough, however, and Vina survived (albeit with critical injuries). Theo, and the rest of the scientists and crew, perished. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

In 2254, the Talosians used an appropriately-aged illusion of Haskins in a charade, appearing as part of a group of supposed survivors of the Columbia crash to lure Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise to Talos IV. (TOS episode: "The Cage")

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Burning Dreams puts Christopher Pike's birth in 2219, and mentions Vina was thirteen years his senior, hence a birth year for Vina of 2206. Theo was said to be "more than a decade" older than Vina, so the question is "How much more?" Given that he's also described as "boyish" and a "young professor", and that some other phrase (implying a longer time) wasn't used to describe his age, the most likely answer is "Not much." If Theo was around 11-15 years older than Vina, then his birth would have been sometime between 2191 and 2195 (with an outside chance of something earlier). Hence, "circa the early 2190s".

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