Theresa Detwiler ("Terry") was a female Human Starfleet officer in the 24th century.

In 2353, she was the third-year cadet that was assigned to be the orientation guide for a group of newly-arrived first-year cadets including Mackenzie Calhoun. However, a fourth-year cadet named Joshua Kemper took over, saying that it was his "fourth-year prerogative". (NF novel: Stone and Anvil)

By 2380, she had risen to the rank of lieutenant commander and been assigned to the USS Dauntless as conn officer under Commodore Joshua Kemper, whom she was seeing romantically at the time. When the Dauntless intercepted the disabled USS Excalibur, she protested Kemper's single-minded approach to carrying out Starfleet's orders to destroy the ship on sight. Fortunately, the Excalibur's destruction was averted when Admiral Edward Jellico, who had come along to oversee the mission, recognized that they were blinking SOS with their running lights, thus allowing him to invoke the Starfleet Charter and override Kemper's orders. (NF novel: Blind Man's Bluff)

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