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Therese Liao was a human female doctor and an officer of Starfleet in the 22nd century.


She was born and raised on the Earth Cargo Service vessel Ibn Battuta.

In 2162, she held the rank of lieutenant commander and was handpicked by Captain Malcolm Reed to be his Chief medical officer on his first command, the USS Pioneer. She forged a good working relationship with her crew mates, including comm officer Bodor chim Grev, despite her slight xenophobia.

In February, 2163, the Pioneer investigated Hansen's Planet, and the away team was ambushed by local lifeforms so Captain Reed used photonic torpedos to scare them off. Liao checked out the away team after their return and confronted the captain for his non too subtle approach.

In April of that year, following a disastrous engine test, the Pioneer became stuck in a decaying orbit of a super-Jovian planet. The crew was evacuated to the catwalks in the starboard warp nacelle due to the planet's radiation ring. Liao set up a medical tent, where she treated injured crew members, including First officer Travis Mayweather and Chief engineer Alan Sheehan. During her examinations, she discovered Tobin Dax's symbiont, and made a promise to keep it secret, but suggested that he should tell Captain Reed about it, which Tobin did a short time later. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)

Doctor Liao continued to faithfuly serve the medical needs of the Pioneer crew in the following years from their mission in the Rigel system to the Ware crisis. The latter esspecially challenged her abilities since throughout those months Pioneer suffered several casuelties and encontered many new alien civilizations. (ENT novels: Tower of Babel, Uncertain Logic, Live by the Code)

After the extended assignment, Pioneer underwent repairs and refit at Earth. Before re-launch, Liao was present to greet the vessel's new captain, Caroline Paris. (ENT novel: Patterns of Interference)



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