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These are the Voyages: Mission Compendium Vol. 1 was a Star Trek Adventures RPG volume.

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A World With a Bluer Sun characters

Henry GreenJohn KearneyCaitlin MalloryAlejandro MartinezLou MendolaEd ParishDarlene PhillipsShiro TakahashiVerga
Referenced only
Bowman (Ensign)Crane (Atlantis)Reinhardt Suarez

Border Dispute characters

Laura BlakeDallonG'TrelAlison LewisMhevenMorrow (Tellarite)N'Vol (Vulcan)SavrekTellek
Referenced only

Entropy's Demise characters

D'TokJaron (helmsman)Zane KnollAurelia MackleyEfren MackleyWes MackleyMerrokSyreeta SebastianSe'irrahTal'lek ShranTaleriaT'LaraT'Plag
Referenced only
Matis (USS Hamilton)Spruell

Biological Clock characters

CyvalaSharama KaladokRaymarOpteran adultsOpteran nymphsOpteran hook bear
Referenced only
James T. KirkVaal

A Plague of Arias characters

Thomas DooleyTara JennerNostrum EMHValno OksariKinski ReidT'VrilTulana Vulko
Referenced only
AbigailJulian BashirBeverly CrusherJamie EscalanteElizabeth NostrumMiles O'BrienKatherine Pulaski

That Which is Unknown characters


The Shepherd characters

Jasmine BelfontShepherd (stone)Sarah ShipleyAnthony Simmons

Starships and vehicles

Atlantis NX-05 (NX class) • Grif BalataUSS Hamilton (Constitution-class) • KES Ko'FalgrinUSS Nightingale (Nova-class) • The Solid BetIRW Belorex (D'deridex-class) • IRW T'Varen (D'deridex-class) • Intrepid-classB'rel-classTakaran fast-attack shipShuttlepod
Referenced only
AeschalusUSS Enterprise-DUSS Pasteur


Arcturus VCarina VIICarina XGamma Trianguli VIKavia PrimeMemory SigmaMorgan's HopeNapa ValleyNew VaharOptera IVRomulan Neutral ZoneRomulusStallas IIStarbase 4Starbase HephaestusTakaraVaharVeridian IIIZachriel

Races and cultures

AndorianHumanKavianKlingonMendola's speciesOpteranOrionRomulanTakaranTellariteTrillVulcanZachra
Referenced only

States and organizations

House of DurasKavian Expeditionary ForceOrion SyndicateRomulan Fleet AcademyRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of PlanetsTerra Prime

Science and classification

lifeformM-classplanetstar systemwormholechronometerCloakingIon stormSupernovaquasartetryoninsectoidwarp driveAria Plagueprogeriatachyon burstVahari maintenance robotVahari security robotsolanagenBreadcrumb 1


Forests of the Night lifeforms
boa vinebrainflowerdart throwerfly traptentacled monstrositytribble-analogue

Other references

distress callEarth-Romulan WarengineercaptainsectorPrime Directive


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