Theta Kalyb

Theta Kalyb following the Chakuun attacks.

Theta Kalyb was a planet and location of a Federation colony located near the Diomed Cluster and the disputed border zone between the United Federation of Planets and the Tholian Assembly.

In 2254 Theta Kalyb came under attack by the Chakuun, a race allied with the Tholians who conducted their bidding in the Tholian expansionist programs. A distress signal was sent and picked up by a nearby task force, in the region in expectation of Tholian attacks. The task force led by the USS Enterprise immediately diverted to render assistance but did not arrive before the colony had been reduced to ruins.

Whilst a devastating space battle raged above relief teams from the Starfleet vessels worked on the planet to try help the few who survived. Amongst the wreckage a Starfleet nurse, Gabrielle Carlotti, found a crashed Chakuun fighter, piloted by a Chakuun Cohort General. Carlotti, who’s family had been killed in earlier Chakuun attacks let her hatred for the Chakuun be known, but to the general's surprise did not kill her. The two gained a better understanding of each other's cultures and when further Chakuun arrived to rescue the general she ordered Carlotti’s life be spared, shortly after the Chakuun fleet retreated, the understanding gained by the Chakuun Cohort General averting a larger war with the Tholians. (EV comic: "The Fallen")


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