The Third Prophecy of Andaki was contained within one of the ancient books belonging to the Bajoran race.

The contents of the section prophesized a crisis in the future of the planet Bajor but was noted by latter era Bajorans as being ambiguous in meaning. The contents of the scroll read:

"The land will be torn asunder as great wings hover."
"Death will be on all who witness, and mourning on the lips of the few who survive.'"
"Weep for the lost, the children, the land. Weep, for it and they are no more."
"In that terrible day shall all my people be one."
"Stand firm, for one shall protect you, and two shall convert."
"In their faith, Bajor will be made whole."

Kai Winn Adami quoted a stanza from the Third Prophecy of Andaki in 2371 to First Minister of the Republic of Bajor Shakaar Edon during the crisis within the Hive which sought to absorb the planet Bajor. Ultimately, the prophecy came true when two members of the Hive, Tork and Sahna, visited Bajor and learnt of the betrayal of their teachings by Grandmaster of the Hive, Dron. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)

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