Thirishar was the archetypical proto-figure of Andorian mythology, a mortal who could defeat all challenges but one. Having completed the tasks demanded of him by the deity, Uzaveh the Infinite, Thirishar would claim the Empty Throne by her own Throne of Life. However he would be unable to do so because he was not Whole, and taking pity on Thirishar, Uzaveh would, to enable Thirishar to become Whole, split the figure into four forms—the first members of each of the Andorian genders: Charaleas, Zheusal, Shanchen and Thirizaz. Each would have an element or spirit attached to them, connected to the power of Uzaveh and her thrones—for Charaleas, the stars; for Zheusal, earth; for Shanchen, water; and for Thirizaz, fire.

Thirishar's tale would be told in many ways throughout Andorian society, including the Liturgy of the Temple of Uzaveh from the third century. Thirishar's importance as the archetype of the four genders would carry on into the twenty-fourth century, when Thirishar would be remembered not only as "the greatest of all" mythic warrior figures, but for not being Whole and being split into the four sexes. (DS9 - Worlds of DS9 novel: Andor: Paradigm)

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