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The Tholian fighter was a Tholian Assembly small craft in service during the 23rd century. Of typical Tholian design, it was wedge-shaped with tri-lateral symmetry, and was similar to, although much smaller than, the 22nd century Tholian starship.

In the year 2268, dozens of these fighters attacked Starbase 47-Vanguard and the small fleet of Starfleet starships that were defending it. The fighters were part of an armada of Tholian ships that were intent on destroying the Federation starbase and the Shedai imprisoned within it. (VAN novel: Storming Heaven)


Tholian fighters.

The fighters were not explicitly mentioned as such in the novel Storming Heaven, but were featured prominently in the cover art by Doug Drexler. Their small size, as seen in the image to the left passing in front of Vanguard's external docking wheel and the Enterprise's warp nacelle pylon, may mean that they are either one or two man craft, or pilotless drones.


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