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The Thomas Paine-class (or Paine-class) was a type of Starfleet frigate, a class IX starship in service to the Federation in the 24th century. This class became active on reference stardate 2/9002.

History and specifications

The Paine was created in the mid-24th century as a modification of other spaceframe designs, created as a forward reconnaissance vehicle and forward fire-support platform. Paine-class vessels crewed 85 officers and crew, with room for up to 15 passengers. Additionally, the Paine could carry 500 metric tons of cargo, rated at 10 SCU (standard cargo units). The vessels weighed 139,805 metric tons, measured 250 meters in length, 120 meters in width and 80 meters in height. The Paine had 2 standard (6 person) personnel transporters, two 12-person combat transporter stages and one each of small and large cargo transporters. The control computer of the Paine vessels was of the M-7 type.

The Paine used warp engines were FTWC-1 type, rated to cruise at warp factor 12 and max out at warp factor 14. The Paine impulse engines were of the FIB-3 type. The Paine weapons had three phaser emitters, with forward, aft, port and starboard firing arcs. The vessels had three FP-7 photon torpedo launchers with forward, aft, port and starboard firing arcs. All weapons were single fire to the aft and double fire to all other arce, and these vessels were defended by FSC model deflector shields.

The commissioning of the USS Paine coincided with initial Federation contacts with the Ferengi, and in the role as recon vessels this class of ships tended to be the first line in tracking pirate activity by the Ferengi and others.

This frigate class is named for Thomas Paine a Human patriot from the history of Earth's United States of America nation. Other ships in the class are named after notable figures from history, from Federation history and Human history, for example. Remaining vessels are named for Federation and allied worlds. By the mid-2360s decade, 25 Paine vessels had been constructed, produced at bothe Deneva Shipyards and the Gibraltar Shipyards at a combined rate of about four per year. By stardate 3/03, 21 of these ships were in active service, with two (Drakendesh and Tann) having been refit to uprated specifications. By that time, two (Sundrass and Grundjaki) had been destroyed in action and two (Hann and Halcyon) were lost, whereabouts unknown. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual)

The manual listed the vessel as a transwarp frigate, although later canon material states that the Federation had never been successful in devising a true transwarp drive. The description of transwarp used in the FASA game might not necessarily describe the same concept as it existed in canon. Like many FASA ship designs, this ship had Constitution-class components with different hull arrangements.

Known ships

All references to this class are from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual, and utilize FASA's reference stardate date system.
ship name registry ship commissioning disposition
USS Thomas Paine NCC-9000 stardate 2/9002 active (stardate 3/03), succeeded in name by New Orleans-class USS Thomas Paine by late 2364
USS Constantine Rill NCC-9001 stardate 2/9005 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Bartholemew Dynass NCC-9002 stardate 2/9007 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Amalthea Rex NCC-9003 stardate 2/9010 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Preston King NCC-9004 stardate 2/9103 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Shanessa NCC-9005 stardate 2/9107 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Sundrass NCC-9006 stardate 2/9110 destroyed (stardate 2/9901)
USS Grundjaki NCC-9007 stardate 2/9204 destroyed (stardate 2/9805)
USS Paul Gable NCC-9008 stardate 2/9301 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Falmor Hann NCC-9009 stardate 2/9305 lost (stardate 2/9706)
USS Halcyon NCC-9010 stardate 2/9310 lost (stardate 2/9706)
USS Christopher Dundas NCC-9011 stardate 2/9405 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Canadara NCC-9012 stardate 2/9501 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Carla Winterspoon NCC-9013 stardate 2/9507 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Drakendesh NCC-9014 stardate 2/9602 refit (stardate 2/9805), active (stardate 3/03)
USS Sedgemoor Tann NCC-9015 stardate 2/9608 refit (stardate 2/9806), active (stardate 3/03)
USS Samantha Elass NCC-9016 stardate 2/9701 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Tamara NCC-9017 stardate 2/9707 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Pride of Elass NCC-9018 stardate 2/9712 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Pride of Troyass NCC-9019 stardate 2/9804 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Cransston Juriss NCC-9020 stardate 2/9811 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Qunitaus Gall NCC-9021 stardate 2/9902 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Ramana Loris NCC-9022 stardate 2/9908 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Essex Prinn NCC-9023 stardate 2/9912 active (stardate 3/03)
USS Michael Whelan NCC-9024 stardate 3/0207 active (stardate 3/03)



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Before The Star Trek Encyclopedia clarified the class of the USS Thomas Paine referred to in TNG episode: "Conspiracy", FASA had apparently intended to assign that ship as the Paine-class prototype vessel. This contradiction can be reconciled using dates that establish the newer New Orleans-class ship had succeeded that other vessel and assumed its name.