In at least one continuity, Thomas Vanderbilt of United Earth was the first President of the United Federation of Planets, elected to the office in 2161 by the other members of the Federation Council upon the signing of the Federation Charter on 11 October.

The information on Thomas Vanderbilt comes from the Picard Family Scrapbook in Star Trek Generations; the contents of the book itself were not visible, however, and no canonical or non-canonical source has ever verified Vanderbilt's existence. The method of his election contradict the popular election process seen in the novel A Time For War, A Time For Peace by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Some fans have suggested that Nathan Samuels was the first president, though this, too, has never been canonically or non-canonically confirmed.

The succession box is based upon a conjectural timeline whereby the first President served only one term, with Haroun al-Rashid coming next and serving two terms.

Preceded by:
President of the United Federation of Planets
Succeeded by:
Haroun al-Rashid


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