Through the Mirror, Issue 3 is the third issue of IDW Publishing's The Next Generation comic series, Through the Mirror.


It's interstellar espionage aboard the Enterprise-D when the Mirror Universe crew infiltrates Captain Picard's ship! What are they up to? The answers are here!


Previously in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through the Mirror: 
Following Lieutenant Worf's encounter with mysterious doubles of Enterprise crew members, the Enterprise encounters a crippled, ravaged, Andorian cruiser, its crew savagely murdered, the vessel stripped of components and material. Before the dying vessel explodes, the Enterprise manages to download its records and logs, and Captain Picard and Commander Riker are shocked at the sight of the perpetrators' faces: their very own!

A confident Reginald Barclay swaggers through the hallways of the USS Enterprise-D greeting his friends before making his way to the communication room. After knocking out the communications chief, Barclay begins rearranging the isolinear chips so as to fool the systems into thinking a priority one message has come in. Picard and a clean shaven Riker then arrive to sing Barclay's praises who promptly lunges at the former with a knife, killing him on the spot. An irate Deanna Troi ends the simulation telling Barclay that, although he has finally mastered the isolinear chip reorganization, it will be all for naught if he keeps killing people at the first opportunity. Barclay insists he was only fooling around, something which the Inquisitor disbelieves but nonetheless feels he is ready for the mission.

In the observation lounge of the ISS Enterprise-D, Picard praises his crew's recent successes in their supply raids but the time for smash and grabs has passed. It is now time to think bigger, Galaxy-class bigger. Though La Forge admits some of their data on their counterparts might be a tad out of date, the crew feels they are ready for the mission.

Wearing somewhat outdated uniforms, the Inquisitor and Barclay beam aboard the USS Enterprise. The two split up, planning to rendezvous in thirty minutes with the Inquisitor testily warning Barclay to avoid any interactions with anyone he recognizes.

As the Inquisitor walks, she is sighted by Commander Riker who is greatly amused by the outdated uniform. Nonetheless, the Inquisitor manages to smooth talk any doubts away before Riker is called off to engineering by La Forge. In a turbolift, two redshirts have a laugh at Barclay's uniform sending him into a rage when they refer to him as "broccoli". After asserting his dominance, Barclay exits at Deck 36, makes his way to communication control, knocks out the officer and reorganizes the chips.

On the bridge, Wesley Crusher reports a priority one signal to Picard. Admiral Owen Paris appears on screen delegating the Enterprise to the Martorelles array, an important listening post that has suffered a black out. Though Picard orders a course set, he remains suspicious and orders Wesley to try and find a way to covertly confirm the order.



Reginald Barclay (mirror)Geordi La Forge (mirror)William T. Riker (mirror)Jean-Luc Picard (mirror)Beverly CrusherDeanna TroiDataWesley CrusherOwen Paris

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USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • ISS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class/Galaxy X-class)

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