Tigan central computer

The central computer, exterior and interior views

The central computer was the store of all knowledge on the planet Tigan.

The central computer updates the Tigan population of new information by sending new data via minute tachyon pulses to interfaces which delivery the new information directly the Tigans cerebral cortexes. However, this system was open to corruption, when Tigan`s planetary energy production facility, the gravimatrix was being tested a gravimetric pulse was generated which wiped the entire core. As the data was re-input from written records the government took the opportunity to make a few alterations, thus starting a conspiracy that would continue for centuries, ever rewriting Tigan`s history. At first revisions were infrequent, ten times over the two centuries prior to 2364, but gradually it occurred more so, six in the decade prior to the same date. Evidence was erased that Tigan even had a written history and the changes went to far as to remove entire political regimes from history.

The practice was eventually brought to an end in 2364 when Edic, one of the conspirators realised the wrong that was being done and arrested his fellow conspirators. (TNG comic: "History Lesson")

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