The timber weevil was a large insect lifeform native to the planet Ferenginar. They were the size of Ferengi or larger, and noted for their curious habit of banging rocks together for no apparent reason. They fed on grubs, as well as hooyup trees and the sap of jooble roots.

The old Ferengi folk tale "The Story of Ving and Ding" tells of two brothers raised by giant timber weevils in the Blopfep Wilds. After being discovered and returned to civilization, the brothers ran off to resume life as weevils.

A famous stampede of timber weevils occurred in the settlement of Weevilville in the Ferengi year 9183. Following this disastrous event, an entrepreneur manufactured and sold headskirts printed with the legend, "I Dodged the Timberweevil Stampede! Weevilville, 9183." This headskirt was part of the collection Keldar left to his son Quark following his death. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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