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Log entries

  • Captain's log, stardate 8512.4
    Approaching a temporal disturbance detected by long-range scanners. We have no explanation as yet...
    There is no apparent danger to the
    Enterprise... so far.
  • Captain's log, supplemental
    Holding our position... trying to figure out what the hell is going on here...
    And wondering how the Romulans will react when they find out I've told them the truth.
  • Captain's log, stardate 8514.7
    The Enterprise and the Romulan flagship arriving at Earth--
    -- where I will escort Admiral Jaricus to what he might consider... the lion's den!




James T. KirkPavel ChekovHikaru SuluNyota UhuraMontgomery ScottLeonard McCoySaavikSpock


Worf, father of MoghJaricusVenitriaRa-ghoratreiiLance Cartwright

Starships and vehicles

USS EnterpriseIRW Moonhawk



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