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While on a mission to Uzbekistan, Gary Seven meets a young boy named Khan Noonien Singh.



Beta 5 computerCharles GraysonIsisRoberta LincolnGary SevenKhan Noonien SinghZagor
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HinkeldorffGerald JetterJacob JetterJames T. KirkHans KommerIvan KotovBoris PachenkoSpockWernher Von Braun

Starships and vehiclesEdit

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USS Enterprise


EarthIndiaManhattanNew York CityTashkentTehranUzbekistan
Referenced only 
CaliforniaCanadaGermanyJetter PharmaceuticalsUniversity of British Columbia

Races and culturesEdit

Human (not stated but portrayed)

States and organizationsEdit

NaziSoviet Union

Other referencesEdit

antimatterBeta 5 computerCold Wargrilled cheese sandwichtea



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