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Time Lock is a Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations ebook by Christopher L. Bennett. It is the fourth title in the DTI series, and the second ebook.

Publisher's description[]

An all new Star Trek e-novella from the world of Deep Space Nine, featuring the fan-favorite Federation bureau the Department of Temporal Investigations!
The dedicated agents of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations have their work cut out for them protecting the course of history from the dangers of time travel. But the galaxy is littered with artifacts that, in the wrong hands, could threaten reality. One of the DTI's most crucial jobs is to track down these objects and lock them safely away in the Federation’s most secret and secure facility. As it happens, Agent Gariff Lucsly and his supervisor, DTI director Laarin Andos, are charged with handling a mysterious space-time portal device discovered by Starfleet. But this device turns out to be a Trojan horse, linking to a pocket dimension and a dangerous group of raiders determined to steal some of the most powerful temporal artifacts ever known...




DTI personnel
Laarin AndosMarion DulmurFelbog Bu-Tsop-Vee • Teresa GarciaGariff LucslyMexusMeyo RanjeaT'VissWarain
Referenced only 
Starfleet personnel
Claudia Alisov
Referenced only 
DataGeordi La ForgeTong
DaiyarKvolan Marnak • Munetir
Other characters
Cymmen-vennau-roonixxVennor Sikran
Referenced only 
Megumi DulmurAlbert EinsteinQ (Junior)

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Everett (Nova-class) • USS Khatami
Referenced only 
USS Bozeman (Soyuz-class) • Catullan vesselD'deridex-classUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Kyushu (New Orleans-class) • USS Pacific (Miranda-class) • timeshipUSS Titan (Luna-class) • transportUSS Voyager (Intrepid-class)


Beta Rigel V (TregonTregon Sea) • Denobula (Gronim City) • Eris (Amphipolis PlanumEridian Vault) • Oort cloudSol (Kuiper Belt) • Tyrellia system (Haunris Spaceport)
Referenced only 
AntarAxis of TimeCatulla • Denobula (kaybin district) • Earth (DTI Headquarters, GreenwichIndia) • GolanaGum NebulaKaferiaVela OB2 AssociationVemlar IVVinduri'domWolf 359

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 
B'nurlacBetazoidBrancherCaeliarCatullanCollectorFerengiFethetrit • Human (Indian) • KalandanMervynianPa'haquelQQuantum singularity lifeformRomulanStar-jellyZalkatian

States and organizations[]

Colonial ConsortiumDenobulan Science Ministry •  Federation Department of Temporal InvestigationsStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVomnin BirthrightVomnin Confederacy
Referenced only 
AegisBureau for Historical Resource DevelopmentFerengi AllianceThe New York TimesQ Continuum

Ranks and titles[]

agentanalystassistant directorathletebureaucratcaptainchief liaisonDirector of the Department of Temporal Investigationsdoctorengineerinvestigatorlieutenantlieutenant commandermercenarynationalistphysicistraiderrankresearcherscientistsenior analystsoldierspysubdirectortechniciantemporal physicistterroristtheorist

Science and technology[]

adrenalineanimalarchitecturebiobedbionicsblack holebloodblueshiftbrainchronitonchroniton burstchroniton damperchroniton fieldchroniton generatorchroniton emitterchroniton polarizerchronodeflectorcloaking deviceCollector obeliskcomm pincommunicationscomputercontainment fieldcosmozoancyborgdampening fielddensitydimensional baffledimensional pocketdimensional transferdimensional warpingdwarf planetempathyequilibriumfield disruptorforce-damping effectgeometric progressiongolden ratiogravimetric field distortiongravitygravity plategunheads-up displayhologramincursion shieldingkinetic energymassmetabolic suspensionmolecular motionorbitpaddphase discriminatorphase shieldphaserphysicsplanetplanetoidprismpsionic temporal communicatorquantum datingquantum-encryptionquantum entanglementquantum slipstream driverejuvenation chamberreplicatorresonant feedback cycleriflesalinesensorsensor arraysensory recording functionshield generatorsingularity corespacespacetime eddyspatiotemporal linkspatiotemporal fieldstasisstovesubspacesubspace boundarysubspace channelsubspace fieldsubspace field effectsubspace field emittersubspace forcefieldsubspace pulsesubspace pulse emittersubspace rupturesupernova remnantsyncopetemperaturetemporal acceleratortemporal displacement devicetemporal distortiontemporal energytemporal fracture phenomenontemporal narcosistemporal phenomenontemporal physicstemporal reflection generatortemporal reflectiontemporal transportertemporal tricordertetryontetryon emittertetryon radiationTheory of relativitytime carriagetime dilation fieldtime drivetime frametime portalTime Rings of Vorktime traveltimelinetimertractor beamtransmittertransportertravel spheretype-4 quantum singularityVemlar IV artifactwarp drivewarp fieldworldline destabilizerwormhole

Time and events[]

19292270229023632366236922nd century23rd centuryAugustBattle of Wolf 359daydecadeDenobulan yearFridayhourJulyKyushu incidentMarchminuteOctoberstardateTemporal Cold Wartimeweekyear

Other references[]

Aldebaran shellmoutharcharmoratriumblackmailbody languagebranch officebrigcaverncoffeecolumncommand bunkercrystaldeerdeitydivorcedogfactionfountaingoosegovernmenthoneyiceinfirmarymaintenance shaftmanaclemilitantmonsoonnapkinnationobservation galleryobsidianoceanostrichpavilionpoliticspre-warp civilizationPrime Directiveprocessing baypunchretirementsiegestaircasestepwellsyntheholTemporal Accordstemporal artifacttime lock protocoltorturetreetrenchTrojan horsevavwaterwater tablewedding



2 May, 2384 
A Collector obelisk creates a major temporal disturbance within the Eridian Vault.
12 June 
Gariff Lucsly arrives on Eris to oversee a review and upgrade of the Eridian Vault's safety and security.
14 June 
The crew of a Catullan vessel discover a suspected time portal in the Gum Nebula.
6 July (stardate 61512.7) 
1544 UTC - The Eridian Vault is raided by Daiyar and her group of Vomnin mercenaries.
1552:23 UTC (stardate 61512.736) - Director Andos engages the time lock trapping the raiders, herself, Lucsly, T'Viss, Warain, and Felbog inside. From then on, time within the vault slows down.
1555 UTC ~ Vault time: 1554 UTC - Daiyar adjusts her plans having been trapped in the Eridian Vault by the time lock.
1628 UTC ~ Vault time: 1604 UTC - Andos, Lucsly and the other DTI staff observe the raiders from the command bunker after T'Viss is captured.
1645 UTC : USS Everett arives in orbit of Eris.
1648 UTC ~ Vault time: 1607 UTC - At the DTI branch office on Denobula, AD Dulmur and agents Ranjea and Garcia begin investigating the raid. Dulmur meets Cymmen for the first time.
1716 UTC ~ Vault time: 1610 UTC - In the Eridian Vault, Lucsly suggests using some of the Vault's artifacts to stop the raiders.
1852 UTC ~ Vault time: 1616 UTC - Felbog is presumed killed by Kvolan's use of a temporal accelerator.
7 July, 0428 UTC ~ Vault time 1628 UTC, 6 July 
Lucsly and Warain discover Felbog's dessicated body.
9 July, 1702 UTC ~ Vault time 1643 UTC, 6 July 
Ranjea and Garcia meet with Vennor Sikran at Tregon, Beta Rigel V.
c. 17 July ~ Vault time 1654 UTC, 6 July 
Eridian Vault.
29 July, 1816 UTC ~ Vault time 1700 UTC, 6 July 
Dulmur's birthday celebrations at the DTI field office in Gronim City are interrupted.
c. 30 July ~ Vault time 1701 UTC, 6 July 
Within the Eridian Vault, the seeds of doubt sown by Andos and Lucsly begin to concern Kvolan.
9 August, 1907 UTC ~ Vault time 1704 UTC, 6 July 
Agents Ranjea and Garcia catch up with Sikran at Haunris Spaceport.
3rd week of August ~ Vault time 1706 UTC, 6 July 
Lucsly and Andos are captured by Daiyar and the Vomnin raiders.
mid-October ~ Vault time 1713 UTC, 6 July 
Eridian Vault
20 November, 2011 UTC ~ Vault time 1716 UTC, 6 July 
Cymmen proposes to Dulmur.
early December ~ Vault time 1716 UTC, 6 July 
Eridian Vault
28 March 2385 
0946 UTC - The Vault's time lock is disengaged, Daiyar escapes with a time drive, and Lucsly realises who Daiyar really is.
1233 UTC - Aboard the USS Everett, the DTI staff, including Dulmur, discuss the motives of Aegis renegade, Daiyar, and what she hopes to accomplish with the stolen time drive. Lucsly accepts Dulmur's proposal to become part of his investigation team.

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