The Time Lords were a mighty civilization capable of time travel. Residing on the planet Gallifrey, the Time Lords swore an oath to observe the universe, but not interfere - much like the Prime Directive.


Time Lords have a unique ability to regenerate themselves after sustaining a fatal injury. However the process would change the appearance and behavior of the Time Lord to a point that he or she would act like a totally new person all together. The Doctor has used this ability fourteen times in his life. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 3")

The Time Lord ability of regeneration has not yet been discussed within a Star Trek source, but is implied by the presence of both the fourth and eleventh Doctors in Assimilation², Issue 3.

Time Lords were able to sense disturbances in the flow of time and sense events that occurred outside normal time. This was similar to the abilities of El-Aurians. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 4")


As their name suggested, the Time Lords possessed time travel technology, including TARDISes. They also had sonic screwdrivers.


The Time Lords were once well known to a number of alien races, but following a brutal and long drawn out war across time and space, the Time Lords were virtually wiped out when their home planet was destroyed following the conclusion of the war.

However, there was one survivor of the Time Lords, known only as the Doctor. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 1")


In Doctor Who, the Time Lords come from the planet Gallifrey, which is located in the Kasterborous constellation. In the Star Trek universe, the TOS novel: Ishmael described a very similar civilization in the Kasteroborous galaxy, suggesting that Time Lords of the Trek universe hail from there.

In Jean Airey's novella, The Doctor and the Enterprise, there are no Time Lords in the Trek universe; Gallifrey's star went supernova 140,000 years ago, destroying every planet in its system.

Also in Star Trek, the Aegis occupy a somewhat similar role as the Time Lords, and their homeworld was described similarly to Gallifrey in the DTI novel: Watching the Clock.

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