Time Out of Joint is the lead story in the sixteenth issue of John Byrne's New Visions comic series, published on June 2017.


Captain Kirk is torn from his timeline. Every corner he turns, every door he opens, throws him into a different day, a different year—and a different danger.



Pavel ChekovChristine ChapelSean FinneganJames T. KirkJanet WallaceLeonard McCoyGary MitchellJanice RandMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhuraunnamed alien officer

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • unknown type alien vessel


DT-262Sector 875Starfleet Academy
Referenced only 
Pollux IV

Races and culturesEdit

HumanVulcanunknown blue skinned alien species

States and organizationsEdit

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets • Unnamed alien civilization

Technology and weaponsEdit

astrophysics computerphaserdeflector shieldimpulse enginetemporal phase weapontransporteruniversal translatorwarp drive

Ranks and titlesEdit

cadetcaptainchief engineercommanderdoctorfirst officer

Other referencesEdit

auxiliary controlbridgecommand hubdaydreamingdimensional phase shiftelectromagnetic fieldelevatorG-108HD-585headacheport phaser banksrecreation roomrogue planetoidsciences divisionsickbayStarfleet regulationstemporal anomalytemporal warp fieldtime jumptransporter room




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