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Log entries Edit

  • Personal log 
    The Enterprise prepares to leave Earth, en route to the Guardian planet... and the mysterious time-portal that will take us into the Klingons' past.
    There we must correct the tampering that has changed all of time.
    If our mission succeeds, we will return to a timeline set back on course...
  • Captain's log, stardate 8520.9 
    Preparing to beam down to the Guardian planet, where the time portal will transport us seven centuries into the Klingon past.
  • Captain's mission log, supplemental 
    Now that we're here, the difficulty of our task is all too clear.
    The odds against finding Khartan-- let alone the palace guards planning to murder him-- are daunting enough...
    ... But we also have to find the conspirators from the future, and keep them from preventing the assassination.
    It's a good thing Spock isn't here to quote the astronomical odds against success.
  • Mission log, supplemental 
    The hours spent talking to Khartan have made me appreciate in a personal way what his death will mean to the Kligno people.
    I wish-- more than ever-- that we had another choice.


Characters Edit

Regulars Edit

James T. KirkLeonard McCoySpockNyota UhuraHikaru Sulu

Others Edit

David MarcusJaricusVenitriaWorfKorKhartanZorjak

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise



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