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The time travel cabinet was a time travel device existing in the year 2266 aboard the Federation Research Satellite-5 space station.

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It was said to be “the most successful experiment to date in time travel.” The device filled the time study lab of the space station and included a bank of machinery and a clear spherical enclosure containing a large chair. It had a dial to set the arrival time to within one day, and several settings to control the destination location in space. The development project was headed by Dr. Lax and involved Dr. Steckler. Other scientists potentially involved in the project were Andres and Njam.

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Date control for the device

During a visit by the USS Enterprise, Professor Andres used the device to travel to Earth of the past in order to hide a controversial doomsday weapon prototype called the N-cycle bomb. Njam killed Lax and attempted to extort one billion credits from the Federation, claiming it was ransom to prevent Andres from detonating the bomb. Njam obscured the time settings, but Lax restored most of them before he died. It was unclear whether Andres went to April 3, 1855 or 1955, so Montgomery Scott went to 1855 and James T. Kirk went to 1955. Andres and the prototype were recovered and returned to 2266. (TOS comic: "A Bomb in Time")

On stardate 6273.52, Colonel James Briton at Starfleet Command asked Kirk for a detailed description of everything he’d seen in the past to determine whether there had been changes to the timeline. Briton mentioned that other time travel experiments were being conducted. (The Enterprise Logs, Volume 4)

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