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Star Trek Timelines is a strategy role playing video game developed by Disruptor Beam as an app, released on 14 January 2016. Based on every era of the Star Trek franchise, including TOS and TNG feature films, Timelines has releases for iOS and Android devices and web browsers.


Developed by Disruptor Beam, the game allows you to command a starship and assemble a crew of your favorite Star Trek characters while steering the fate of the galaxy through diplomacy, science and force of arms. On 4 March 2020, Tilting Point acquired the game from Disruptor Beam and created a new studio Wicked Realm Games to support the title.[1]


Set after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager's series finale, Star Trek Timelines begins as the player captains their first starship command to investigate an unknown temporal anomaly. Upon arriving at the anomaly, the player meets Q, who immediately explains that a full-on temporal crisis has begun throwing people, places, and objects from other timelines (including the primary universe, the mirror universe and the "warship universe") into this one.

Star Trek Timelines lets players recruit characters from all eras of the Star Trek TV series, including Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, plus the Original Series and Next Generation movies. Players take on the role of captain, in command of their first starship (a Constellation-class starship, just like Jean-Luc Picard's first command.) Soon, players must recruit crew and build starships from across the timelines in order to aid Q by sending crew on away missions, engaging in starship battles, and completing main missions to progress the story and choose which game factions take further control of a galaxy in chaos.

Away missions[]

One of the primary ways to progress in the game (including Starship Battles) an Away Mission is when the player sends a team of three characters out to complete a challenge. Each step of an Away Mission will require a character with the appropriate skill level and proficiency: diplomatic, scientific, medical, engineering, security, and command.[2] Certain characters will even be able to unlock special steps on an Away Mission for rare rewards. Each Away Mission has three levels of difficulty: normal, elite, and epic.[3]

Starship battles[]

Described as, "real-time conflicts between two starships and their respective crew."[3] Before a starship battle, the player assigns 1-5 characters to a starship's battle station. Each character, when placed in a battle station, is able to temporarily increase the output of a ship. Currently, this is represented by three core stats: Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion.


Officially announced in April 2014[4], Star Trek Timelines is a 3D/2D game built in Unity 5. Its first live demo was at PAX East 2015[5], and the first playable tutorial experience was later debuted at Star Trek Las Vegas 2015[6].

Story and setting[]

Set after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager's series finale, Star Trek Timelines begins as the player captains their first starship command to investigate an unknown temporal anomaly.

Upon arriving at the anomaly, the player meets Q, who immediately explains that a full-on temporal anomaly crisis has begun throwing people, places, and objects from other timelines (including the mirror universe) into this one.


As a licensed CBS product, Star Trek Timelines contains many examples and references to characters, starships, organizations, and even specific episodes within the Star Trek universe.


See Star Trek Timelines characters.

Starships and vehicles[]

Bird of PreyBorg CubeBorg SphereBorg Sphere 878HMS BountyUSS CairoUSS ChavezUSS Defiant (NCC-1764)USS Defiant (NCC-75633-C)ISS DefiantDefiant-classD'koraUSS EagleISS Enterprise (NX-01)Enterprise (NX-01)ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)USS Exeter (NCC-26531)Constellation-classConstitution-classGalaxy-classGalor-classUSS HadleyIKS Hegh'taHirogen Hunter ShipHirogen WarshipIntrepid-classMaquis raiderCDS PrakeshUSS RelativityScimitarUSS ShawneeUSS Shenzhou (NCC-1227) • USS Equinox (NCC-72381) • ISS DefiantISS AvengerTerran Empire ConstellationUSS RenegadeUSS DefiantSarcophagusUSS EnterpriseNCC-71099SS Botany BaySS XhosaIGS KumariIKS KlothosNi'VarCharonISS DiscoveryUSS Stargazer (NCC-2893)IKS T'OngVal JeanUSS VoyagerUSS YamatoUSS ReliantUSS RepulseDelta FlyerGroumallUSS DiscoveryWorf's bird-of-preyAlexander's bird-of-prey

Races and cultures[]

AcamarianAenarAllasomorphAndorianandroidAngosianAntedeanArdra's speciesArgelianArkonianAugmentAurelianAutomated Personnel UnitBajoranBa'kuBarzanBa'ulBeingsBenziteBeta AnnariBetazoidBetelgeusianBolianBorgBreenBrunaliBynarCaitianCapellanCardassianChameloidChangelingDeltanDenobulanDevoreDinaaliDooplerDosiDouwdDramenDream speciesEdosianEfrosianEl-AurianElaysianExcalbianExocompFennim's speciesFerengiGideoniteGornGrathon Tolar's speciesHaliianHirogenhologramHomn's speciesHortaHumanIkaaranIllyrianIotianJahSeppJem'HadarJ'naiiKaelonKago-Darr's speciesKantareKazonKelis' speciesKellerunKelpienKlaestronKlingonKobaliKraylorKrenimKriosianKtarianKukulkan's speciesKurros' speciesKwejianKyrianKzintiLanthaniteLinnikLoque'equeLurianM-113 creatureMalonMeganMetronMigleemo's speciesMyleanMysstrenNaceneNa'kuhlNasatNausicaanNeuraleseNyrianOcampaOkona's speciesOrionPahvanPakledPalor Toff's speciesPandronianPenk's speciesProgenitorProphetsQ (species)RakhariRamatinRemanRisianRomulanR'ongovianSaowin's speciesSarpeidSaurianScalosianSerilianShroomiesSikarianSkorrSon'aSord's speciesSpecies 8472Sphere BuilderSulibanTahal-IsutTalarianTalaxianTalosianTamarianTandaranTanuganTardigradeTarellianTaresianTarquin's speciesTash's speciesTau's speciesTellariteTerrellianTholianToskTkonTrillVedalaVidiianVortaVothVulcanWadiXaheanXindi-AquaticXindi-ArborealXindi-InsectoidXindi-PrimateXindi-ReptilianYaderanYridianZahlZibalianZobral's species
Referenced only
AkritirianAnticanArdanan (Troglyte) • BrioriCytherianDebruneDevoreIconianKaremmaKileyKreetassanLissepianMinosianOrnaranOverlookerParadanQomarRigelianSakariSikarianTarankoTarellianUllianVentaxianVissianXindi-Avian


Cold Station 12VulcanGenesis system (Genesis PlanetRegula IRegula) • Deep Space 9SpacedockEarthQo'noS system (Qo'noSK'TharK'lai Klinzhai) • Trill system (TrillTrillius Prime) • Ceti Alpha system (Ceti Alpha VCeti Alpha VI) • P'JemBajorQuirinus system • Alpha Onias IK'lai KlinzhaiValo system (Valo II) • DopteriaCytheriaDelta QuadrantOmicron ThetaNeutral ZoneDenobula Triaxia system (Denobula Triaxa ADenobula) • Cor Caroli system (Cor Caroli IICor Caroli V) • Ventarus Idrilon system (Ventarus Idrilon I) • Terra Nova system (Terra Nova, Eta Cassiopeia, Algus) • Pollux system (Pollux IV) • Xindus system (Xindus) • Cardassian system (Cardassia IVCardassia Prime) • Amleth system (Loval) • Badlands (Athos IV) • Bajor system (Bajor) • NimbusN'Vak system (N'Vak) • galaxyTaranko colonyHekaran CorridorLoque'eque SystemFaction center

Other references[]

MaquisIsthmian GamesEnervation webmolybdenumPositronic brainKot'bavalCMOLCARSneural netMoogieJalFerengi Traditionalistsblack holeresonant graviton beammatter fluxIconian gatewayDebruneTal'ShiarDNAGrand NagusKlingon High Counciltime portalRomulan WarStarbase 12Starbase 24Class H planetClass K planetClass Y "demon" planetGaia StationThirdensigncaptaincommand wraplieutenantTechniciandesertcommanderjudgegeneralcloneKDFNexusempresstailorsnipersecurity chiefconstablecommandoprisonerVedekTantalus FieldTerran EmpireAgony BoothCasanovaaway teamFerengi Alliancelatinumagonizeradmiralholodeckwarp corewarp core breach



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