A timeship is a type of starship that specializes in time travel.

By the 29th century, the Federation's Starfleet utilized timeships in regular service. (VOY episode: "Future's End")

In an alternate timeline, Jean-Luc Picard constructed the USS Phoenix, a timeship designed to travel thousands of years back in time. (DS9 - Millennium novel: The War of the Prophets)

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Starship classification
By type argosyassault cruiserassault shipattack cruiserattack fighterbattlecruiserbattle frigatebattleshipbird-of-preybombercargo transportcarriercolony shipcombat support tendercommand battlecruiserconstruction shipcorsaircorvettecouriercruisercutterdestroyerdreadnoughtescortexplorerfast attack shipfast cruiserflagshipfreighterfrigatefuel transportgunboatheavy cruiserheavy destroyerheavy escorthospital shipin-system courierliaison cutterlight cruiserlight frigatemedical frigatemedium cruisermining freightermissile cruisermonitormulti-mission explorerpassenger linerpatrol cruiserpersonnel carrierpilot escortprison bargerepair tenderresearch vesselresearch cruiserrunaboutscoutsleeper shipstar battleshipstar cruiserstrike cruisersuper carriersuper-heavy cruisersupport frigatesurveyortankertendertimeshiptransporttugwarbirdwarpshuttleweapon ship

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