Tir Ramara was a Bajoran female from Dahkur Province. In her youth, Ramara studied art in Ashalla. She married a teacher, Tir Karna, and they had a son, Berin.

Ramara's husband and son were killed when they were caught up in an incident with other Bajorans trying to take control of the shuttle Taklan to escape a life of slavery on Terok Nor. Elim Garak requested an opportunity to negotiate with the Bajorans but Gul Toran refused and ordered the destruction of the Taklan. Shortly after, Ramara joined the Bajoran Resistance.

On her own at the Singha refugee camp, Remara was taken in by Kira Taban, in return she helped to take care of his sons and daughter Nerys. Unbeknownst to her, Taban's wife was a 'comfort woman' for Gul Dukat, and was given extra rations as payment. Believing that Taban was collaborating with the Cardassians, Ramara stole the additional rations so the resistance could give them out to those more needy. When Taban caught her she accused him of being a traitor and ran away. The Kira family were forced to give up their extra rations to avoid being hounded as collaborators.

After the Cardassian withdrawal, Remara returned to her studies and began to work as a counselor at the Mihan settlement house in Ashalla and counselled victims of the Occupation. She also worked part time as a Dabo girl in Quark's to gain the extra income. It was on Deep Space 9 she met and befriended Tora Ziyal. Shortly before the invasion of Cardassia in the Dominion War, Remara was working in Quark's and was assaulted by a large Klingon (General Martok's nephew), Elim Garak distracted the Klingon's attention, freeing her from his abuse. Quark refused to let her press charges against the Klingon, claiming it would be bad for business. Elim and Ramara became friends, though her actual motivation for their relationship was to lower his defenses so that she might murder him in revenge for her husband's and child's murders, thinking Garak responsible. Hearing the truth of the incident, she chose to let Garak go, but warned him others in the Kohn-Ma, the anti-Cardassian terrorist organisation she was working for, would seek him out if he stayed on Deep Space 9. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

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