Tlaoli IV is a planet in the Tlaoli star system.


The Tlaolians warred with the Shechenag for nearly 7000 years, completely draining their planet of resources in the process. They discovered Time travel half way through, and attempted to use the Janus Gate technology to change the outcome of the battles, but failed. They eventually gave up and used the technology to move the survivors to the far future, destroying their cities and infrastructure behind them. They left the Janus Gate complex and a record of their history behind as a gift to any following race. The complex remained undiscovered, however, and the inside of the complex was gradually covered in karst and flowstone over millennia. The device eventually malfunctioned, having been left in an underpowered state and began draining passing starships for energy. A total of 19 such were pulled from orbit and drained.


Kirk's Enterprise left a planetary survey team there prior to the events of The Naked Time.


The planet is an old planet, 12 billion years old, appearing brownish from orbit. Dusty grasslands, karst plains and saltwater swamps compose the planet's remaining ecosystems. The oceans are gradually drying out.

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