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To Brave The Storm is a Star Trek: Enterprise novel published by Pocket Books in 2011. It is the second book in a multi-part story about The Romulan War miniseries, and a direct and concluding continuation of the narrative from Beneath the Raptor's Wing and other books in the Pocket's Enterprise novel series. It chronicles five years of Earth-Romulan War and the founding of the Federation.


Earth stands alone.
The Coalition of Planets has shattered, with Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar abrogating the treaty. Their pledge to come to the mutual defense of any power that is attacked has been shunted aside. Horrified by how easily the Romulans can seize control of their advanced starships, turning them into weapons, Andor and Tellar have joined Vulcan on the sidelines. Humanity is now the only thing that stands between the Romulan Star Empire and total domination of the galaxy.
To drive Humans from the stars, the Romulans employ ruthless and murderous tactics… and even dare to strike on the Vulcan homeworld with the hopes of demoralizing their Vulcan brethren. Heartened by their victories, the Romulans carry their all-out war assault closer to the heart of humanity—Earth.
But the tattered remains of Starfleet stand unwavering, with the resolution that never again would any enemy strike ever reach Earth. On the front lines of the Earth-Romulan War is the United Earth flagship, the starship Enterprise. Her captain, Jonathan Archer, has seen his vessel of exploration become a battleship. Once hailed for his work bringing the Coalition of Planets into existence, Archer is now a pariah. Undaunted, the captain keeps fighting, searching for allies and determined to do his duty: to save Earth and forge a new federation of planets.


With the rest of the Coalition having withdrawn from the war with the Romulans, Prime Minister Nathan Samuels chooses to conduct a purely defensive war. With Enterprise patrolling near Earth space, Archer begins to build a relationship with other races to try and get help and information.

On Vulcan, it is eventually discovered Romulan infiltrators were responsible for the Mount Seleya explosion. When Terix goes missing, Tucker goes after him, he finds he has regained his original memories and Tucker is captured by the Romulans. He is kept alive to help find the Ejhoi Ormiin's warp seven ships and, with Nijil having been executed for his involvement, the task of getting them operational is given to him.

The Romulans win their war with the Haakonans by deploying the Loque'eque virus and commit their full forces to the humans. Enterprise helps foil an attempt to bomb the Martian colony with explosives hidden in meteors and Lieutenant Mayweather, who uncovered the plot, rejoins the crew.

Tucker sends Enterprise a message saying the Romulans are gathering their forces at Cheron and Archer convinces Gardner to let him take a force there. The human fleet is outnumbered, despite the assistance of a group of privateers led by Shran and Kolos and Tucker providing the prefix codes. Tucker's minder T'Luadh, who he believes to be a Vulcan agent, gets him to an escape pod but it is later destroyed. The arrival of a group of Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarite ships sent by T'Pau sees the Romulans forced to retreat.

The Romulans sue for peace and, with Enterprise decomissioned, Archer is a signatory on the treaty and the Federation Charter. Valdore is assassinated by First Consul T'Leikha who is herself killed by Terix. T'Pau turns down a seat on the Federation and resigns as administrator, unhappy at being forced to order violence. Twenty-five years later, a journalist attempting to track T'Pol down for an interview catches a glimpse of the officially dead Tucker with her and their two children, posing as the family gardener.



Enterprise NX-01 personnel

Jonathan ArcherMike BurchCostaDavisSelma GuitierrezTakashi KimuraElrene LeydonTravis MayweatherO'MalleyDonna O'NeillOgilvyPhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedOwen Salazar-TuckerHoshi SatoStephensT'Pol
Referenced only 
ChefElizabeth Cutler

Starfleet, MACO and Section 31 personnel

George CaseySamuel GardnerW.M. JefferiesRichard C. StilesEric StillwellCharles Tucker III (CunaehrMichael KenmoreLazarusSodok)
Referenced only 
DuvallMaxwell ForrestMatthew HarrisJenningsUttan NarsuTinh Hoc PhuongCarlos Ramirez

IRW Aoi'fvienn personnel


IRW Raon personnel


ChR Terrh'Dhael personnel



Anishtalla zh'DhavenThirijhamel zh'DhavenAnlenthoris ch'VhendreniHravishran th'Zoarhi
Referenced only 
Lahvishri sh'RalaavazhOnalishenar ch'Sorichas


Haroun al-RashidGannet BrooksEmily JensenJie Cong LiLydia LittlejohnRachel McCullersAlexandre Robert PicardQaletaquHans RudenMiguel SalazarNathan SamuelsSarahdAlbert TuckerPell UnderhillThomas Vanderbilt
Referenced only 
Zefram CochraneAlbert EinsteinC. S. ForesterFred HoyleJohn LennonRebecca MayweatherNash McEvoyJohn MiltonKeisha NaquaseMartin NiemöllerWilliam ShakespeareSophoclesCharles Tucker IIElaine TuckerElizabeth Tucker


AhrrekDagarthValdore i'Kaleh tr'IhaimehnNijilShianekSitavT'LeikhaT'LuadhT'VelekhTalokTerixThrel
Referenced only 


DenakKuvakL'NelLorianSilokSkonSolkarSopek (Ch'uivh) • SovalT'MaranT'MirT'PakT'PauT'RamaYch'a
Referenced only 

Other characters

CerebrarCrenqTobin Dax (Dax) • DrennikFraddokGora bim GralBote J'RefKolosKrellM'RekThenirGrethe Zhor
Referenced only 
AkraanaBettatan'ruCallaCharlesDanielsLela DaxGaavrinKaitaamaSharielSkalaarT'Vet

Starships and vehicles

escape podHaakonan transporthovercarM'klexa freightershuttleworkpod
Referenced only 
automobileFlying Dutchmanfreight haulerNeethian transportPhoenixTrill ground carXindi superweapon

United Earth and allies

USS A.G. Robinson (Daedalus-class) • Andorian freighterUSS ArgusUSS Armstrong (Daedalus-class) • USS Cowpens (Daedalus-class) • Enterprise (NX-class) • USS Franklin Roosevelt (Daedalus-class) • USS Gettysburg (Daedalus-class) • USS HermesSS Intrepid (Intrepid-class) • USS IroquoisUSS Jein (Daedalus-class) • Klingon freighterUSS Lovell (Daedalus-class) • Maymora (diplomatic vessel) • USS Nez Perce (Daedalus-class) • USS Okuda (Daedalus-class) • Republic (Intrepid-class) • USS San AntonioDFC Sepok (D'Kyr-class) • Shuttlepod 1Tellarite frigateUSS William Clark (Daedalus-class)
Referenced only 
ECS HorizonECS Kobayashi MaruNyran

Romulan Star Empire

IRW Aoi'fviennIRW DabhaeEireth (transport pod) • ChR Grukhai (Bird-of-prey) • ChR KhueaKilhra'en (Romulan scoutship) • ChR Nel TrencoIRW PontilusChR Ra'kholhIRW RaonChR Terrh'Dhael
Referenced only 
Telepresence drone ship


Referenced only 

Space stations and starbases

Earth Outpost 1Earth Station McKinley
Referenced only 
Earth Outpost 2starbaseUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards


83 Leonis (83 Leonis A83 Leonis B) • Beta QuadrantCarraya sectorCheron systemDraylax systemEisnEpsilon IndiGamma Hydra sectorGamma Hydra systemGasko systemGlintara sectorKuiper BeltMu Arae systemNevasaPi 3 Orionis systemQuebec sectorRomulan Neutral ZoneS'ol systemSol systemVissiaVorkado system
Referenced only 
82 EridaniAltair systemAquila constellationBarradasBeta VirginisBig DipperCarraya systemCassiopeiaCygnus constellationDelphic ExpanseDelta PavonisGamma EquuleiGamma TucanaeGlintaraIota HorologiiIota VirginisOphiuchus constellationOrion sectorPorrimaSiriusSpicaTau CetiYadalla

Planets, moons and planetoids

Alpha Centauri IIIAndoriaCheronDray’laxuDraylaxEarthGalorn’don CorGalorndon CoreGasko IIHaakonaIceberg FourteenMarsPrantaresQo'noSRomulusT'KhutVissia PrimeVulcan
Referenced only 
Achernar IIAdigeon PrimeAltair VIB'Saari IIBeta Virginis VCalder IICarraya IVCharonCor’i’danCoridan PrimeDeimosDenevaKrios PrimeLoque'equeN'Vak colonyPhobosPlutoQu'Vat colonyRura PentheSaturnSauriaTarsus IVTellarTenebiaTrill


Alpha Centauri III (New Samarkand (Cochrane InstituteHenry Archer Hall)) • Andoria (Northern Wastes) • Earth (San Francisco (Bayview HeightsCandlestick AuditoriumPresidioStarfleet Headquarters) • Sausalito (Vulcan Diplomatic Compound)) • Mars (Bradbury SpaceportNew Chicago) • Qo'noS (Great HallQam-Chee) • Romulus (DarthaHall of State) • Vissia Prime (Hall of DeliberationPalace of Technology) Vulcan (Mount Seleya (Surak's PeakT'Klass's Pillar) • ShikahrVulcan's Forge)
Referenced only 
Earth (Africa (Sahara Desert) • Antarctica (McMurdo Dry Valleys) • Arizona (Scottsdale) • Britain (Leicester) • Chile (Atacama Desert) • EuropeFloridaFrance (Nathan Samuels RoomPalais de la Concorde) • GermanyIceland (Eyjafjallajökull) • Ireland (Iveragh Peninsula) • MadridTimes SquareTunisYosemite National Park) • Loque'eque (Urquat) • Mars (Endurance UniversityMargaritifer TerraSagan Station) • P'Jem • Romulus (Apnex SeaIuruth City) • Trill (Caves of Mak'ala) • Vulcan (Han-shirJia'anKahr CityLyr T'ayaMount TarhanaRaal (Fire Plains) • T'Panit monasteryVoroth SeaVuldi Gorge)

Races and cultures

AenarAndorianDenobulanDraylaxianHaakonanHuman (BritishEartherEnglishFrenchTerran) • Klingon (HemQuchQuchHa') • M'klexaNeethianRomulanTellariteTenebianTrill (Trill symbiont) • Vissian (Vis'amnaisu) • Vulcan
Referenced only 
ArkonianB'SaariCheronianCoridanite • Human (GermanJew) • KreetassanKriosianLoque'equeNausicaanOrionRetellianTakretYridianXindi (Xindi-AquaticXindi-ArborealXindi-PrimateXindi-Reptilian)

States and organizations

Alpha Centauri ConcordiumAndorian EmpireCoalition of PlanetsCoalition of Planets Security CouncilCochrane InstituteConfederacy of VulcanConfederated Martian ColoniesContinuing CommitteeDytallix-Barsoom Resource Extraction CorporationEjhoi OrmiinFederation News ServiceGrand MootKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilMartian ColoniesMilitary Assault Command OperationsParliament of United EarthRhi Rei'karanRomulan 5th LegionRomulan Countermeasure Development TeamRomulan Imperial NavyRomulan SenateRomulan Star EmpireSection 31Solarcorp News ServiceStarfleet CommandSyrranniteTal ShiarUnited EarthUnited Earth Space Probe AgencyUnited Earth StarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited Planets of TellarV'SharVulcan Defense ForceYch'a, Sodok, and Tevik
Referenced only 
AlliesAndorian Imperial GuardThe BeatlesFederation CouncilOrion SyndicatePraetorateRoyal NavySan Francisco 49ersSan Francisco GiantsStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceTerra PrimeTerraforming AuthorityUnited Earth Bureau of Extraterrestrial Resource ExtractionVulcan Defense DirectorateVulcan Diplomatic ServiceVulcan High CommandVulcan Science AcademyVulcan Science Directorate

Ranks and titles

admiraladvocateambassadorarmory officerattorneycaptaincenturionChancellor of the Klingon Empirechief engineerchief medical officerchief technologistcolonelcommanderCommander of the Romulan Imperial Fleetcommodorecommunications officercomposercorporalcorpsmancrewmandecuriondoctorengineering specialistensignFirst Consul of the Romulan Star EmpireFirst Monarchfirst officerfishermanfleet admiralForeign Minister of the Andorian EmpireForeign Minister of the Confederacy of VulcanForeign Minister of the United Planets of TellargeneralGrand Moot Moderatorhelmsmanintelligence analystinterrogatorjournalistKhre'riorlieutenantlieutenant commandermajorMartian Representativemathematicianmerchant captainministermonkmusicianphysicistpianistpiratepilotPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpirePresident of United Earthpriestprivateprofessorscience officerscience specialistsenatorsergeantsergeant-at-armsslaverSpecial Aenar Representativespecial agentsubalternsubcenturionsubcommandertactical officertechnologistuhlanunderchiefUnited Earth Environment MinisterUnited Earth Interior MinisterUnited Earth Prime Ministervice admiralVissian Minister of ScienceVulcan AdministratorVulcan Peace MinisterVulcan Security Ministerxenobiologistzoologist

Science and technology

accretion diskahhaid’rawnairlockantimatterantimatter containmentantimatter podantimatter relayarrenhe'hwiuaartificial gravityasphyxiationasteroidatmosphere (ionospheretroposphere) • atomic warheadautomated probeavaihh lli vastambatterybiobedblack holebulkheadchronometerClass Mclaustrophobiacloaking devicecometcommand-and-controlcommunicationscommunicatorconstellationdeflector shielddermal regeneration geldisruptorDNAelectroplasma systemenvironmental suitepidermisevent horizonevolutionetymologyfirecrackerfirewallfireworksGPSgrapplergravimetric anomalygravimetric forcegravitic minegravitygravity plategravity waveheliopauseholo-cameraholographyimpulse boosterimpulse driveinertial damperinverse square lawionized gasjamming signalkinetic energylaserlensingLevodian flulife supportlight yearlog buoyLoque'que virusluminositymaglevmagnetarmagnetic bootsmagnetic fieldmagnetic field generatormalwaremedical scannerminefieldmining lasermutagenic virusnasal numbing agentneutron starorange dwarforange subgiantPa'nar Syndromepaddphase cannonphase pistolphase riflephotonphotonic shock wavephotonic torpedophysicsPlanck lengthplanetologypolarized hull platingpost-traumatic stressprefix codeprobepulsarpulse cannonQu'vat virusramscoopredundant memory moduleretina scanRigelian feverRomulan mind probescannerscopeself-destructsensorsolar windsspeed of lightsubspacesubspace bandsubspace communicationssubspace distortionsubspace wakesymbiosistactical gridtape driveterraformTheory of General Relativitythermal energythrustertidal forcetime dilationtoilettractor beamtransporterturboliftuniversal translatorverteron arrayvertigovolcanowarp coilwarp core breachwarp drivewarp-field detection gridwarp nacellewarp plasmawaxingwindshield wiper

Materials and substances

carboncobaltdilithiumduraniumgraniteheliumhydrogenironmagnesiummarblenitrogenpaperpetroleumplatinumradiationsherawoodstonesulfatriptantransparent aluminumtrelliumtrinesiumtritaniumtungsten


alem-vedikantApnex longfishbeaglebeavercaotai'hhuicatfishcosmozoadandelionequinefavinitfernfleag'tethgespargnatGreat Bird of the Galaxygrint houndhla-methhumanoidi'su'keic'tanin'hhuijackal mastiffkllhe grublanka-garle-matyalilacmammalianmarlinmogaimongoosemosquitonar'ruosmotic eelpineplomeekraptorRegulan bloodwormrillan gourdsehlatsha'vokhSiphonapteratardigradetargVenus flytrapvoreborerwolfXindi-Reptilian parasite

Other references

Andorian gendersassassinationAxiomsbaseballbat'lethbazaarBeautiful Boy (Darling Boy)Blue HorizonbookbootcenotaphchokerCoalition Compactcogenitorcommand wellCommunismconvoycotcoup d'etatcredit chitCrossroad Bluesdaisdathe'anofv-sendecontamination chamberdéjà vudiplomacydistress callDo Not Go Gentle into That Good Nightduty shiftEarth Starfleet dress uniformEarth Starfleet uniformEnglish languageeolh iarr'voievasive maneuversexecutive orderFederation Charterfirst contactFirst they came...flotillafootballgarrisonGreen Saharaguidance packagehaeinharmonicahaunted householding cellHornblower and the Hotspurhorror filmhotelinterrogationjolan'truKal RekkKal-tohkatraKir'Sharaklaxonkllhe’mnhelanyardLatinmeditationmevyapmind meldNavorkotNeutral Zone Treaty of 2160NewstimeOld Common AndorianOld High VulcanOperation HotspurParadise LostPermanent Embargo on Technology Transfers to Immature Civilizations Actpincer maneuverpress passRight of StatementRomulan languagesand barsconcesculptureSeikkea kllhesensory deprivation tankshelthrethsickbaysnare drumsousspaceportSuus MahnaSyn laratactical alerttahlltam'a'katrtaral-etekThe Teachings of SurakthaventowelTreaty of VersaillesTrojan horseV'tosh ka'turV'tosh rik'ortalValkyrievre'katraVulcan nerve pinchYikhzheizombie

Food and drink

Amonak flatcakealcoholbeerbrowniescandycarbonated watercheesecherrymash whiskeycoffeeeggSaurian brandyspare ribswaterwhiskeywhite chocolate

Events and eras

2152215321542155217020th century21st centuryEarth-Romulan War (Battle of CheronBattle of Galorn'don CorBattle of Galorndon CoreBattle of Gamma HydraBattle of PrantaresBattle of SolBattle of TenebiaBattle of Vor'ka'doBattle of VorkadoCoridan disasterFirst Battle of Altair VIKobayashi Maru IncidentSecond Battle of Altair VIThird Battle of Altair VIThird Battle of Deneva) • eisaeet'KhiorewaFederation DayFesoan Lor'veln YearFourthmoonfvheisnhwiKhutikreLibramneNapoleonic WarsrhiRomulan-Haakonan War (Occupation of Haakona) • seisiureSolSoo'jenT'Ke'TasT'KeKhutiT'Kuhatita'KratTasmeenValentine's DayWorld War IXindi crisisYear of D'EraYear of KahlessYear of ShiKahrZ'atZubrin Calendar


Related stories

  • ENT episode: "Minefield"- Malcolm Reed references the time his leg was impaled by a Romulan mine.
  • ENT episode: "Zero Hour"- During the signing of the Federation Charter, Archer considers how his younger self is watching the ceremony.
  • ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence"- Phlox's assistance in helping the Klingons survive hurts Earth's chances of gaining assistance from the Empire.
  • ENT episode: "Kir'Shara"- T'Pau recalls helping heal T'Pol's Pa'nar Syndrome.
  • ENT episode: "These Are the Voyages..."- Charles Tucker acts confused about when his "death" took place: after the signing of the Coalition Compact or the Federation Charter.
  • ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru- Archer references the disaster involving the destruction of the ECS Kobayashi Maru multiple times.
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