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To Lose the Earth is a Voyager novel written by Kirsten Beyer for publication in 2020.


The Galen has been transported 47,000 light years closer to Federation space by the aliens known as the Edrehmaia. With Commander Clarissa Glenn out of action, Harry Kim takes charge of the repair efforts. Security Chief Ransom Velth takes an EVA walk to repair the communicatons array but is grabbed and dragged off by the Edrehmaia. Since his air supply was also exhausted, he is assumed dead.

The rest of the fleet initially believe the Galen destroyed but Aytar Gwyn knows from her bond with Kim and Nancy Conlon's child that this is not the case. Icheb and Phinnegan Bryce find evidence that the starship was transported. The ships begin working on ways to attract the attention of the Edrehmaia and locate the Galen, while Liam O'Donnell is determined to study the Edrehmaia substance and discovers that the analysis of it was first set up by a pair of separated Borg.

Kim and Michael Drur find a way to communicate with the Edrehmaia. Velth is returned, apparently unharmed but altered, with a second Edrehmaia-affiliated personality. Conlon's condition deteriorates and the Doctor and Reginald Barclay have her consciousness transferred into a holographic body. However, she has no memory of Kim or their child. Back with the fleet, El'nor Sal and Sharak work out the damage done to Conlon's DNA and how to correct it.

O'Donnell is prepared to let a sample of the Edrehmaia substance breach aboard a runabout to see what happens. Devi Patel has Gwyn stun and remove him, then joins with the substance herself, becoming an interlocutor. It transpires that the Edrehmaia have been trying to breach the galactic barrier so they can explore other galaxies and took the Galen on, realizing slipstream drive could do it.

The rest of the fleet join them and it is decided that USS Voyager will take the Edrehmaia on the journey and spend the next few years exploring the next galaxy: The rest of the fleet will remain in the Delta Quadrant under Regina Farkas's command. A cured Conlon is forced to admit she doesn't want a life with Kim and their daughter, remaining on the Galen as they return to Voyager. O'Donnell transfers over as a member of the science staff, leaving Atlee Fife in command of the Demeter, but Tom Paris insists he, B'Elanna Torres, and their children will return to Earth. Before Voyager departs, Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay marry on board.



USS Voyager personnel

Gaines AubreyHugh CambridgeChakotayNancy ConlonAytar GwynIchebHarry KimKenth LasrenMichael Owen ParisMiral ParisTom ParisDevi PatelSeven of NineSharakB'Elanna Torres
Referenced only
GleezAhni JetalVanessa Waters

USS Vesta personnel

Phinnegan BryceDecanRegina FarkasKathryn JanewayEl'nor Sal
Referenced only
BayiGregor DenisovKrim HochJepel OmarMalcolm Roach

USS Demeter personnel

Garvin ElkinsAtlee FifeLiam O'Donnell
Referenced only
Sten FaltoUrl LaskThomas Vincent

USS Galen personnel

Reginald BarclayCress BenoitBorlandThe DoctorMichael DrurFinleyClarissa GlennBenjamin LawryLynne SelahUnhaiRanson Velth
Referenced only

Other Starfleet personnel

Leonard James Akaar
Referenced only
BivoutBeverly CrusherDataPreston GanleyMeegan McDonnellOwen ParisJean-Luc PicardT'MarVynottLewis Zimmerman


Referenced only

Other characters

Marion DulmurVara Gwyn
Referenced only
AdaezeLaarin AndosArturisAxumZefram CochraneDayneClaude DebussyFred DrurEmemMayla Fui • Gretchen JanewayMollah JanewayRobinson JeffersKamalaJohn KimMary KimJerrick LaorGariff LucslyNianaAlana O’DonnellOne of Two, Primary Adjunct Submatrix 639Julia ParisKathleen ParisMoira ParisDenara PelQ (Junior)TirritTroutTwo of TwoXi CinXolani

Starships and vehicles

USS Demeter (Theophrastus-class) • USS Galen (Galen-class) • Okinawa (runabout) • USS Vesta (Vesta-class) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)
Referenced only
USS Curie (Merian-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Esquiline (Vesta-class) • USS Hawking (Merian-class) • USS Planck (Merian-class) • USS Quirinal (Vesta-class) • submarineVan CiseVival (Voth City Ship)


asteroid fieldDelta QuadrantDK-1116/SWOW (Station One) • Milky Way
Referenced only
Alpha QuadrantCygnia MinorEarth (Adelboden-Lenk; Engstligen Falls; Engstligenalp; Swiss Alps; Zurich, SwitzerlandGuilin CityOkinawa) • Gateway to the First WorldKrios (Gikhu Province) • Lunar ColoniesPersephoneRorestanSagitarrius Dwarf Elliptical GalaxySormanastarbaseStarbase 185 • DK-1116 (Station Four) • Vhnori homeworldYaris Nebula

Shipboard locations

astrometricsbridgebriefing roomcargo bayChief Medical Officer’s officecomputer corecounselor’s officeengineeringmess hallready roomscience labsickbay

Races and cultures

Referenced only
AndiluvianBorgBorlath ClanCaeliarChildren of the StormDevoredistortion ring beingKrenimMalonQ (species)RhaandariteRilnarSeriareenSoong-type androidSpecies 001Species 116Species 419Species 8472Tee-ich-esthTureiVaadwaurVhnoriVidiianVothZahl

States and organizations

Federation Department of Temporal InvestigationsProject Full CircleStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
The BeatlesBorg CollectiveCaeliar gestaltConfederacy of the Worlds of the First QuadrantDevore ImperiumKrenim ImperiumOmega ContinuumOxford UniversityQ ContinuumStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet MedicalZahl Regnancy

Ranks and titles

advisoragentaidearchitectartistassistant directorathletebest manbiologistbridebuilderbureaucratcadetcaptainchief engineerchief medical officercommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcommanding officercomposercounselorcrewmandenzitdesignated navigatordoctorengineerensignfirst officerfleet admiralfleet chief engineerfleet commanderflower girlgenetic botanistgroomgroomsmanhelmsmanholographerinstructorjunior officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlight farmermathletemedicmission specialistmusicianofficiantoperations officerphysicianpilotpoetrankscience officerscientistsecurity chiefsecurity officerskierslipstream specialistsociopathstellar cartographersuperior officersurgeontactical officerteachertemporal bureaucratvice admiralXOzealot

Science and classification

16-beta-4 headairlockalgorithmalloyalpha waveamputationandroidanimalanti-intoxicantantigravantigrav liftantimatter podantiproton therapyanti-tetryonic algorithmarchitecture •  artificial gravityassimilationasteroidastrometric displaybatterybenamite recrystallization matrixbeta wavebinary starbinary translation matrixbiobedbiodomebiological lifebiologyblindnessBorg dronecalculuscarbon-basedcarbon dioxidecarbon dioxide filtercellcellular metabolismCelsiuscentimeterchemical explosivechemistrychronometercircuitcircuit breakercircuit-breaking poolcold-startcomacombadgecommunications arraycommunication buoycommunication satellitecommunicationscommunications arraycommunications relaycomputercomputer languagecomputer processingconcussionconduitcontainment podcontainment systemcoordinatescortical inhibitorcosmozoancratercrustaceandata packetdata storage devicedecompressiondecouplerdeflector arraydeflector beamdehydraytiondermal regeneratordiagnostic paneldimensionDNA base pairDNA damage repair syndromeDNA repairdoor sensorengrammatic bufferelectromagnetic pulseelectromagnetic waveem spectrumembryoEmergency Engineering Hologramemergency holographic personnelEmergency Medical HologramEmergency Security Hologramemotionempathic metamorphempathyenergy waveengineengineering gloveengrammatic patternenvironmental systemequationEV suitevolutionexaquadforce fieldfrequencyfusion reactorG typegalactic barriergenetic analysisgenetic manipulationgenetic sequencegeneticsgestational incubatorgravimetric sheergravitygravity wellheaterholodeckholoemitterhologramholographic generatorholographic interfaceholographic projectorhologridholomatrixholo-processorhomeostasishormonal injectionhumanoidhyper-evolutionhyposprayimpulse driveinertial damperinfectioninterfaceinterlocutorintravenousjamming signalkaleidescopekilometerlife-formlife supportlightlight-yearmag panelmagnetmagnetic bootmain powermanual releasemathematicsmedical toolmedical tricordermemorymetabolismmetalmetallurgymetermicrofracturemicrosecondmicrospectral scanmicrospectrometermobile emittermoonnebulaneural linkneurolepticnuclear reactororganismoxygen generatoroxygen tankpaddphaserphotonic emissionphotonic wavephotosynthesis powerhouseplantplanetoidportable reactorpositronic matrixpost-traumatic stresspower cellpower conduitpower regulationpower relaypower systemprimary systemprocessorpropulsion systemprosthesisprotein sequencepsi-scalepsychiatric evaluationquantifiable realityquantum codequantum-entangled communicationsquantum entanglementquantum fluctuationquantum scalequantum naturequantum sensorquantum slipstream drivequantum statequantum synchronizationquantum varianceregulation systemrelay junctionreplicatorrogue starrunning lightscience projectsensorshieldSIMs beaconslipstream corridorslipstream tunnelsound-buffering programspacespacewalkstarstellar formationstellar nurserystem-cell therapysubatomic transformationsubspacesubspace vacuolesupernovasurgerysurgical archsurveyswitch platesynthetic fibertechnologytemperaturetemperature optimizationtemporal chesstemporal equilibriumtemporal incursiontemporal manipulationtemporal mechanicstemporal shieldingtheta bandtime-delayed detonatortranslation algorithmtranslation matrixtransportertranswarp networktraumatricorderturbolifttubuleuniversal translatoruniversevan der Waals interactionVega Ninevegetationviewscreenviruswarp drivewarp factorwarp trailwater-generating technologyxenocommunucationszero-g

Materials and substances

adenineadrenalineanti-particleantimatteratombenamitebio-matterbloodcarboncortisolcytosinedilithiumDNAEdrehmaia substanceenergygenegenomeguaminehydrogenhyronalinironisotopemattermineralmolecular compoundmoleculenickelnitrogenomega moleculeosmiumoxygenpalladiumplasmapsionicsradiant energyradiationsedativeSevenofninoniumsilicatesiliconstimulanttetryonic particletheoretical particlethyminetritanium

Anatomy and physiology

alveoliarmarteryautonomic nervous systemblood cellbrain (amygdalacerebrumtemporal lobe) • bronchial passageearexoskeletoneyefingerhandhearthormonehemorrhageimmune systeminflammationkneelegmetamorphic cellmiscarriagenasal passagenauseaneurological cellneuronpregnancypulseredundant cellrespiratory systemsepsisskinspinestem cellstomachstresssweattelepathytendriltentacletorsoumbilical cordveinwarp plasma

Other references

2418 BCE2348236023682374237719th century23rd century29th centuryaccess panelalcoholalpha shiftarranged marriageartastrometricsaway teambassinetbio-stationbirdblanketbootBorg Invasion of 2381Borg languageboroquebriefingbrochurebulkheadcabinetcaffeinecamouflagecandlecaptain's chaircaverncenturycheesecheeseburgerchickenClair de luneclarinetcoffeecoffee klatchcolonycontainerdabodahliadata storage and retrieval stationdecadedecoder ringdefensive flight patterndiagnostic stationdogdressexamfail-safeFederation standardfiniis'ralfirst contactflagshipflight control stationflight patternflowerfoodfountain of youthfruitgamma shiftgeneaological recordgodgrapefruitgrave markergraveyardhikingholographic labholoprogramhymnimpressionismincursion teamjarJefferies tubejokeJot Mottlablanguageleedilibrarylilylullabymedical staffmeditationmemoirmemorial servicemonkeymountainmugmusicmusical instrumentmutinynext emanationoffensive flight patternoperaoperationsperformance reportPersonal log, Harry Kimpetri dishphotographypianopokerpolitical alliancepoolprayerprisonproximity alertracismraktajinorationrecordriceromantic poetryrucksacksalamandersalmonsalsasandwichscaffoldsecurity override codesensor logserial numbersingingskiskirtslingslipstream operations panelsmall talksnowspiced tree barkStarfleet dress uniformstatus reportsubroutineSuite BergamasquesunflowerTamarian languageteatetherTimmy and the Targtomatotreetriagevialvisual subroutinewaterwaterfallweddingworkstationwritingxylophoneyellow alertYellow Submarineyogazombie




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