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"To Rule the Universe", or UK comic strips, 37th story arc, was the last weekly story arc in the UK comic strips series. It was released in 12 parts in 1973 within issues of Valiant and TV21.

In this story, Plixeans conspired to assassinate the Federation Council and take control of the Federation.

Publisher's description[]

Teaser summary, 3 November, 1973
Lured to the hitherto unknown planet, Plixes, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock had been taken prisoner while the planetary leaders, Gokron and Chekra, had — by means of advanced science — assumed their bodies and minds! Beamed back to the starship Enterprise, Gokron and Chekra were indistinguishable from the real commander and first lieutenant of the starship…


On Earth, Federation Councillors gather for a month-long conference. In System 330, the USS Enterprise initiates first contact with the leaders of Plixes, who asks to beam aboard as honored guests. Spock is suspicious: how did they know the ship had transporters? As they tour the ship, Gokron and Chekra explain that they have long-range scanners, so they know about the Federation. They ask if they can be beamed to the conference to ask for Federation membership. Kirk asks first to learn more about Plixes.

Gokron invites Kirk and Spock to visit the planet. Once they speak with a few Plixeans, however, they realize Gokron is a tyrant. They are then apprehended. Their bodies and memories are imprinted onto Gokron and Chekra, turning them into facsimiles of Kirk and Spock. Gokron and Chekra beam back to the Enterprise. Admiral Voysey agrees to let "Kirk" plead Plixes' case to the council. Using a long distance transporter setting, "Kirk" and "Spock" beam directly to Earth, where they set up a sonic stunner and gas generator to kill all of the councillors.

Meanwhile, a jail break interrupts the execution of Kirk and Spock. They ally with escaping prisoners, then fight their way to a communications center. Long-range frequencies are jammed, so they cannot warn Earth or be beamed there. To expose the Plixeans, they have to shut off the identity transference equipment. Kirk and Spock aid rebels by using armed shuttlecraft to knock out city defenses. Unfortunately, the identity transference building seems impregnable. Kirk risks beaming himself to Earth despite the jamming. As he fights the tyrants in the council chambers, rebels finally are able to blow up the Plixes building. Gokron and Chekra revert to their normal appearance and flee. Before the gas generator detonates, Kirk destroys it and saves the councillors.

Gokron and Chekra hijack the Vulcan ambassador's transport and head at maximum speed to the Klingon border. Kirk suits up to follow in an interceptor craft, but Spock uses the long range transporter to beam the Plixeans out of the transport and back to the Enterprise. The tyrants will be handed over to the rebels and their new democratic government.



BradChekraGokronJames T. KirkMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraVoysey • unnamed Federation Councillors (Councillors of the Andorian Empire, United Planets of Tellar, and Confederacy of Vulcan) • unnamed Federation Security Agency officersunnamed Plixeans
Referenced only 

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Columbus (class F shuttlecraft) • shuttlecraftNemesisVulcan Ambassador's transport
Referenced only 
Klingon starships


Border of the Klingon EmpireEarth (Federation Council ChambersSpaceportSupreme Headquarters of the Federation) • PlixesSystem 330
Referenced only 
Romulan Neutral Zone (Border Sector Six)

Races and cultures[]

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States and organizations[]

Andorian EmpireConfederacy of VulcanCouncil of the United Federation of PlanetsFederationFederation Security AgencyKlingon EmpirePlixes Democratic UnionPlixes Department of ScienceRomulan EmpireUnited Planets of Tellar

Science and technology[]

anti-aircraft batterybrain-implantation machinebrain patterncommunicatorcomputercoordinatesdeep space transmitterforcefieldgas generatoridentity transferenceinterceptorlaboratorylaser cannonlong distance transportermetabolic alteration machinerymissilePADDphaserpistolray-probereconnaissance proberiflerocketscannersciencetape recordertransporterType 2 phaser

Ranks and titles[]

admiralambassadorcaptaincitizencommanderCommanding Officer, Starfleet CommanddelegatedictatorFederation CouncillorFederation Starfleet ranks (2270s)first lieutenantfirst officerguardgunnerhelmsmanlieutenantmayorofficerprime ministerprisonerranksrebelscientistsentryskippersupreme commander

Other references[]

75th Annual Federation ConferencearrestatmospherebeveragebluffbrainbridgecarboncenturycitycivilizationconferenceDark Agesdemocracydictatorshipdogdungeonempireespionageexecutionexecution yardFederation conferencefirst contactfleetfreedomgasgovernmenthospitality centerhousehypnotismjaillifelionlogicminutemonthparking orbitplanetpoliceprisonprobescannersecondsewersoundspaceStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)starshipstar systemstatuesteelstonetelepathytransporter roomtroopsuniversevideoviewscreenVulcan neck pinch




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Production history[]

Published Order
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"Shell Game"
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UK comic strips
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"The Gods Have Come!"
  • This story was published over 12 weekly issues, two pages at a time.
October 1973
November 1973
  • 3 November: Pages 7-8 published in Valiant and TV21 #110
  • 10 November: Pages 9-10 published in Valiant and TV21 #111
  • 17 November: Pages 11-12 published in Valiant and TV21 #112
  • 24 November: Pages 13-14 published in Valiant and TV21 #113
December 1973
  • 1 December: Pages 15-16 published in Valiant and TV21 #114
  • 8 December: Pages 17-18 published in Valiant and TV21 #115
  • 15 December: Pages 19-20 published in Valiant and TV21 #116
  • 22 December: Pages 21-22 published in Valiant and TV21 #117
  • 29 December: Pages 23-24 published in Valiant and TV21 #118

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