Dr. Toby Russell, a human female, was a Federation scientist specializing in neurogenetic research, posted to the Adelman Neurological Institute.

Russell visited the USS Enterprise-D in 2368 at the request of Dr. Beverly Crusher, as a consult after Lieutenant Worf was paralyzed. She suggested using the untested genitronic replicator to repair Worf's spinal column and restore full mobility, but Crusher felt the technology was too risky and would endanger Worf's life even further. Russell asked Worf about the surgery anyway, angering Crusher.

The already tense situation was further inflamed when Russell assisted in triage of victims from the USS Denver. She used one of her experimental drugs on a survivor rather than another proven treatment which may have saved his life. Dr. Crusher, still upset over Russell's behavior concerning Worf, relieved her of medical duty.

Crusher and Russell eventually did proceed with the experimental surgery and although the procedure was a success due to Worf's Klingon anatomy, Crusher still believed Russell practiced dangerous and inappropriate medicine, and reminded her of that fact as she left the Enterprise. (TNG episode: "Ethics")

Over the next eleven years, Russell and Crusher continued to fight only this time it was in the published medical literature. Leonard McCoy, who sided with Crusher, often told Montgomery Scott of these publications. Russell and Crusher also met again at a medical conference on Trill where again they had a disagreement.

In 2379, Admiral Nakamura assigned Dr. Russell to inspect the medical department of the USS Enterprise-E as part of a general inspection. Although Russell and Crusher fought again about Crusher's treatment of the Bader and the Dorset on Delta Sigma IV, Russell did recommend that the Enterprise pass its inspection. (TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)

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