Tol tribe

The Tol people were a group of humanoids native to the planet Neesan. Their leader was Lok.

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The Tol were cavemen living near the Lydo region. By the 23rd century, they inhabited caves, using them for habitation as well as for ceremonial purposes. They created sophisticated cave paintings encrusted with jewels similar to those found in Altamira. They built simple cudgels and stone spears for weapons.

While they had not yet invented the wheel, they moved boulders by placing them on rows of aligned tree trunks. They had begun to domesticate animals such as the caribou, which were used to drag large containers, and pterodactyls, on which they flew.

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In 2266, a landing party from the USS Enterprise visited the Tol tribe. The Tol were attacked by the Kovar tribe, but agreed to unite in peace after chief Jeebo was stymied by the dematerialization and rematerialization of Spock, who was playing the part of the Tol deity Unruho to try to stop the violence. (TOS comic: "The Cosmic Cavemen")

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