Toj par-doj

The Cortez fires the Toj par-doj on the Enterprise

The Toj par-doj is an ancient Vulcan weapon, outlawed on Vulcan in the Time of Awakening but persevered into the 23rd century by the lost Vulcan colony, the Last-of-all-Cities.

The Toj par-doj was installed on the USS Cortez when it was captured by a splinter group from the lost colony in 2254. Under the command of a Vulcan named Tagok the weapon was fired on the USS Enterprise. A single shot from the weapon caused massive systems failures, the break in the shields allowing Vulcan boarding parties to beam in. Fortunately the Enterprise crew were able repel the Vulcans and the Cortez was destroyed before it could fire on the Enterprise again. (EV comic: Cloak and Dagger)

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