Toltans were an ancient, diminutive humanoid race which seeded its descendants on a variety of planets in the galaxy. The Toltan language and some of its artifacts were known to the Federation in the 23rd century.

Biology and cultureEdit

Toltans were about four feet tall, blue-skinned, and had a slower pulse than expected for species of their size. They did not refer to each other with titles or names. A majority of Toltan colonists revered their moon, believing in cultural myths that it was made by gods and would deliver them to paradise.

One colony had evolved to a level similar to that of Earth in the 20th century. Two major factions threatened each other with nuclear weapons, but they'd also designed and built spacecraft capable of reaching their moon.


Thousands of years ago, one known colony was seeded on a planet in an uncharted sector of the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. An automated sentinel Toltan Moon was left in orbit.

In the 14th century, in an attempt to enforce peace, a male and female astronaut flew a Toltan spacecraft to the moon together, to leverage it as an orbital weapon platform. Shortly after they landed and disembarked, they were grabbed by a robot crawler, brought within the moon's subterranean complex and put into suspended animation. They became the colony's lone survivors, however, as a global nuclear holocaust soon destroyed all life on their planet.

In the year 2273, a landing party from the USS Enterprise investigated the abandoned Toltan spacecraft on the moon. They followed the tracks of the two astronauts, and were similarly captured. Although they were paralyzed, Spock was able to have the landing party and two hibernating Toltans beamed up. Once awakened, the Toltans insisted on being returned to their moon. While they had doubted the myths of their culture, they'd seen that their moon was artificial and now believed in their gods. They were transported back into their suspended animation chambers. The automated moon broke orbit and began to leave the star system, heading for "home". (TOS comic: "Called Home")

Toltan technologyEdit





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