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Tom Y. Galloway was a human Starfleet admiral in the 2280s.

History[edit | edit source]

Galloway was assigned to Starbase 24 in 2287. Following Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise-A's assignment to Chronian III, Galloway questioned Kirk on his actions there. He was shocked to hear that Kirk shot the Buice leader Kime, though all Kirk did was transport him somewhere else. He then told Kirk to report to his office at 1400 hours.

Galloway then convened a informal hearing to decide on possible recommendations for Kirk's actions. After hearing Kirk's testimony, Galloway then questioned Ambassador Palmer on Kirk's actions. Despite agreeing with the Ambassador's recommendation, he sent the hearing's transcription to Starfleet and awaited their response. He told Kirk that a Protocol officer named R.J. Blaise would be assigned to him. (TOS comic: "Repercussions")

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