For the primary universe counterpart, see Tom Paris.

In the mirror universe, Thomas Paris was a Terran male kept as a sex slave for B'Elanna, the half-Terran, half Klingon Supervisor of Ardana. He was the son of Owen, who had been in charge of the slaves in B'Elanna's palace on Cestus III.

Like her mother Miral, B'Elanna preferred to take Terrans rather than Klingons as her lovers. Thomas was the longest lasting of these sex slaves. While B'Elanna did not truly love him, she loved the time that they spent together. She enjoyed inflicting pain upon him, typically using branding irons, as she found the sound of his screams arousing.

In 2371, when it was revealed that he was conspiring against her with Lewis Zimmerman, B'Elanna was forced to kill him by plunging her d'k tahg into his left eye, shortly before she was rendered unconscious by Tuvok. When she regained consciousness, she removed the knife from his cranium but could not bring herself to further mutilate his dead body, as she had done with Zimmerman after killing him. (VOY - Mirror Universe novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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