Tomasina Laubenthal was a female human, born in 2213 on the Federation colony of Alpha Proxima II.

She attended Yasmini University, where she excelled in athletic competition, graduating in 2234 with a degree in political science. Afterwards, she worked in a variety of civil service jobs until 2260, when she entered politics. She eventually rose to the position of deputy assistant to the Proximan Secretary of the Interior.

Laubenthal was dismissed from her job in 2266 when the Interior Secretary retired and the Chief Representative of Proxima appointed a new secretary from outside the department. Laubenthal harbored a great deal of resentment over this development. At the urging of her colleague Alvaro Santana, she took a vacation to climb Pirenne's Peak. There, she discovered one of the Malkus Artifacts, and under its influence, she inflicted a virus on over 400,000 Proximans, including the entire government.

She was eventually identified and located by the combined forces of the USS Constellation and the USS Enterprise, and barricaded herself in her home in Karsay's Point, outside Sierra City, claiming to be holding a hostage. Facing capture, she ultimately committed suicide. (TOS - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The First Artifact)

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