Tomatoes are plants that are widely used for food. Tomatoes originate on Earth, although they have been known to be cultivated in otherworldly varieties. Although commonly prepared as some type of tomato sauce, other preparations are also notable. While tomatoes are technically calssified as a fruit, for the purposes of cooking they are vegetable matter. Tomatoes are distantly related to potato roots and tobacco leaves.

Lore teased Data for their differences in speaking (One says "can't" or "isn't". While the other says "cannot" or "is not".) by reciting, "I say tomato/And you say tumahtoe/I say potato/And you say putahtoe". (TNG episode: "Datalore")

Stewed tomatoes and dehydrated eggs were a component of a Starfleet ration pack that was Marla McGivers's first meal on Ceti Alpha V. (TOS novel: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh)

In the VOY episode: "Phage", the combination of stewed tomatoes and dehydrated eggs in a ration pack was called "ration pack 5".

In the early 2370s, Ro Laren grew tomatoes and other red fruits in a small vegetable patch at her home on Galion. (TNG - The Dominion War novel: Behind Enemy Lines)

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