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Tomorok was a 24th century Cardassian man, the brother of Gul Shyak and a member of the Cardassian Union's Cardassian Guard. During the Occupation of Bajor, Tomorok was captured by the Bajoran Resistance, tried by the Bajoran Provisional Government as a war criminal, and sentenced to die in the Omega Wing of Prison Complex 187.

When the prison population staged a daring escape by rushing guards in 2368, Tomorok was one of many who obtained Bajoran phaser pistols and attemmpted to leave the facility by stealing a Bajoran prison shuttle, in the company of his brother. When the escapees were approaching the ramp to the shuttlecraft, a Bajoran Militia firing squad formed behind them, cutting many down with Bajoran phaser rifles set to kill. One of the escapees likened the Bajoran actions as killing the Cardassians as if they were gettle.

Shyak was one of the lucky few to survive, although his brother died in his arms on the ramp. The shuttle survivors ended up forming a radical terrorist movement against the Bajorans, even as the Cardassian Union began to deal peace with the former enemy in 2370. Shyak in particular led the renegades with vengeance in his heart, remembering a ripped scrap of his brother's clothing that had been caught in his fist as the body fell away from the shuttle—a prison logo bearing a Galor Banner bisected with a death mark. (DS9 comic: "Turn of the Tide")

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