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From solicitations: The President of the United States is the most powerful person on the planet—but what if the man in the office is an agent of a foreign government? Seven and Roberta journey to Beijing to make sure only Nixon returns from China! John Byrne’s first-ever Star Trek series concludes here!


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Hei MaoIsisRoberta LincolnMao Tse-TungPat NixonRichard NixonGary Seven
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Dwight D. EisenhowerAbraham Lincoln

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Air Force One


Beijing (Peking) • ChinaGeorgia (country)MoscowRussiaUnion of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUnited States of America

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National Security Council


Beta 5 computercommunism • "Janus" • President of the United States of AmericaWatergateWorld War III


  • As the main story in this issue was three pages short of the twenty-two page quota the issue also contained a short three-page story, titled Ah-Ha!".

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