Toqel was a Romulan military officer that served during the 2260s and had a daughter named Sarith.

In 2267, Toqel served as Proconsul of the Empire during which time she came up with the initial idea that led to the formation of the Klingon-Romulan Alliance. She would then discuss the alliance with Grodak at his home on Narendra III. During this alliance, she oversaw the first test of a Klingon ship outfitted with a cloaking device in the Alamedus system against the USS Defiant. After the test was successful, Toqel led the Kretoq and the IKS Vo'qha against a Federation base on Theta Cobrini V, but when the ships arrived they found the base destroyed. As they were investigating a force of Klingon warships decloaked and engaged the Romulan vessels, destroying the Vo'qha and allowing the Kretoq to leave. Subsequently, the Romulans were blamed for the base's destruction and Toqel was to be extradited to the Federation to serve as the Romulans' scapegoat, but she was killed by Ditrius, a Klingon spy, before she could be extradited. (ST novella: The First Peer)

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