Torgu-Va is a hot and dry class H planet. Essentially a scorched rock orbiting the star in the Torgu-Va system with no other planets in the system.

Description[edit | edit source]

Torgu-Va has a rotation axis of less than two percent, an inclination of the axis of 18 degrees. There is a low magnetic field, high surface radiation and an extreme temperature of eighty degrees celsius. Even at the poles the temperature can get up to sixty degrees celsius and plummet below freezing at night.

The land contained dry hot winds, muddy streams, mountains that stretched for the sky like shards of glass. The arid soil and harsh winds leave the trees and sparse vegetation that is emaciated and blackened. There is a high content of lead in the soil. Limestone is just below the surface with a granite layer below that. In the southern polar region there is a high concentration of canyons.

Known Vegetation[edit | edit source]

The garthin cactus is harvested by the Humans as a source for food, beverage and fibers for clothing.

Known Animal Life[edit | edit source]

A bat like creature is found in some of the cavernous areas.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2163 the 700 Human survivors of the Federation Starfleet vessel USS Verdun and the 408 Tarn survivors of the Tarn Imperial Fleet vessel Rashasa landed on Torgu-Va. For the first twenty years the two races were unaware of each other. The Humans started building various underground cities and outposts in the southern polar regions. The Tarn found the surface like home and flourished on both the surface and in underground dwellings. Then in 2183 Tarn forces found a Human scouting team and attacked them. This renewed the fighting between the two races that continued until 2367. It was in this year that the USS Enterprise-D discovered the decedents living on the planet. Through negotiations from Federation and Tarn Empire negotiators (using unusual methods to break through 200 years of fighting) a cease-fire was agreed upon. Now Tarn and Federation representatives are assisting with the rebuilding process.

Known Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

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