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Tortuga I, a.k.a. Tortuga, was a planet, the first planet of the Varrina system, located within the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone just beyond the outskirts of The Triangle. It supported a mixed interstellar civilization and was located in the general vicinity of systems containing the planets Alanara, Asparax and New Bishop.

History and specifics

Tortuga had a temperate climate, but a thin atmosphere. It was rich in valuable radioactive isotopes. It rated 944655-75 on the technological/sociopolitical index and was populated 60% by Orions, 25% by Humans, and 5% by Andorians.

Considered a backwater planet, Tortuga was first discovered by Orions who had allied with the Planet Asparax. The Lifaq Corporation operated by Orion's Lifaq family developed the planet as a free port, but it turned into a base of operations for pirates and other criminals. Tortuga maintained diplomatic relations and trade with the Klingon Empire.

Slavery was practiced on Tortuga, which meant that the Federation was prohibited from trading with them. A slave revolt of several thousand Orions led to a large emigration to New Bishop in the nearby Segur system. The planet's southern hemisphere still supported a variety of slave-oriented businesses.

In 2273, revolts on Asparax, Alanara and New Bishop led to the formation of new planetary governments there. When they united as the Asparax Confederation, they informally included Tortuga among them. (FASA RPG module: Decision at Midnight)