Tortured Elves

A pair of tortured elves in 2410.

A tortured elf, plural tortured elves, was an imp-like Fek'Ihri creature found in the Winter Wonderland from W.W. 2017 (2410) onwards. It was created by q by combining Earth Christmas mythology with the Fek'Ihri Horde. The tortured elf resembled a hunched, beast-like Klingon with spindly limbs and long claws. Tortured elves accompanied the Kramp'Ihri. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "The Kramp'Ihri")

Appearance and specificationsEdit

Among the Horde's ranks, the tortured elf resembled the hordling most. Its name was influenced by the tortured soul. Among hordling-level fiends, tortured elves wore the most clothing: in addition to a Christmas-themed loincloth held by a leather belt, a red, pointed hat adorned the creature's head. Despite the cold environs of the Winter Wonderland, tortured elves did not display discomfort.

Its white skin otherwise turned into scaly body armor on the flanks and around the upper torso, protecting the shoulders. Long, dagger-like teeth were hidden beneath a black muzzle, which dominated the face and covered the recessed nose. The eyes were of one color, not allowing a differentiation between eyeball and pupil. The customary Klingon head ridges were extended. Tortured elves appeared vaguely male.

The tortured elf was the only ensign-/neophyte-ranked Fek'Ihri in the Horde bearing hand-held weapons. Each elf was armed with a black nanopulse mek'leth. The tortured elf assisted the Kramp'Ihri and, like him, could only be harmed by Winter Wonderland-weapons, which in turn were harmless to anyone outside the area. The tortured elves were ultimately harmless to Wonderland visitors from the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, as intended by its omnipotent master q. (STO - Agents of Yesterday missions: "Blood of the Empire", "The Kramp'Ihri")


From the year 2017 of Winter Wonderland reckoning onwards, equivalent to 2410, q created the Kramp'Ihri creature based on Earth and Qo'noS mythologies, specificaly the demon-like Fek'Ihri and Krampus of European folklore. Kramp'Ihri would appear and reappear throughout the Wonderland with the aim of punishing naughty children, aided by his combat-ready tortured elves. Officers of the AQA engaged to repel them frequently. The engagement served as a diversion and entertainment for q's mortal guests. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "The Kramp'Ihri")

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