Crewman Torvin was a "nerdy young Tiburonian", an engineer on the USS Sagittarius in the 2260s. His superior hearing enables him to detect minuscule malfunctions in a variety of onboard systems, sometimes with greater specificity than his colleagues using tricorders.

As the youngest crewmember on the ship, he looked up to his senior engineers Mike Ilucci and Salagho Threx, who took Torvin under their wing. Together, they commiserate over the fact that officers like Vanessa Theriault and Celerasayna zh'Firro (whom Torvin nursed a desperate and ultimately futile crush on) would never look at "tool-pushers" like them as romantic interests. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind) Upon the transfer of Ensign Taryl to the Sagittarius, Torvin found himself in lust with the Orion officer. (Seekers novel: Second Nature) During the crisis on Anura, Taryl gave Torvin his first kiss. (Seekers novel: Long Shot)

In 2269, Torvin was promoted to Petty Officer Third Class after almost four years on the Sagittarius after the completion of the mission to Anura. (Seekers novel: Long Shot)

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