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Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy.

The Totality was an ancient cosmic organism that formed with the birth of the universe itself and was a dark matter based lifeform that consisted of 94% of the cosmos. During its existence, it began to become aware of light matter based creatures such as organic based beings and that they had the capacity to develop sentience. However, the Totality became convinced that these lifeforms would never experience the true depth of the universe as it did and thus sought to uplift them by making them one with the Totality.

The Totality eventually became a menacing threat to the universe that conquered the Andromeda Galaxy, leading to the evacuation of the Kelvan Empire and the destruction of the Makers when their sun went supernova. It began to work in the Milky Way Galaxy through its avatar known as Norinda where it attempted to bring about a galactic cataclysm in order to spread war so that the survivors would embrace the Peace of the Totality. It first attempted to do this through the Jolan Movement on Romulus and Remus, but failed. It was later encountered by James T. Kirk in the early 2380s where its campaign ended due to the intervention of Joseph Kirk who sacrificed his life in order to end the menace posed by the Totality. (TOS novels: Captain's Blood, Captain's Peril, Captain's Glory)

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