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Tovan Khev was a Romulan male, and the first officer of a Romulan Republican Force warbird in active service in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Khev was born on Romulus in 2378. His father was a soldier in the Romulan military, while his mother was a former academic. He dreamed of becoming a gallant warrior and fighting alongside his father.

The Khevs moved around a lot and so Tovan was offworld with his mother and his six-year-old sister Rinna during the Hobus supernova in 2387. His father was among the casualties of the destruction of Romulus. Afterwards the Khev family was caught up in the waves of refugees fleeing the disaster. The Tal Shiar rapidly grew more tyrannical in the aftermath of Hobus and began to use lethal force to quell rioting and piracy. One such raid targeted the convoy in which the Khevs were traveling, supposedly targeting fugitives, and their mother was mortally wounded. The Tal Shiar beamed aboard, collected their targets, and left with no care for the bystanders, and then left.

With the loss of his mother Tovan resolved to grow strong to protect his loved ones, and absorbed fighting skills from any Romulan soldier he happened to meet.

Then he met Charva, another orphan of Hobus. The two fell passionately in love, dreaming of a new home where they could carry on the legacy of the Romulan people. But on the eve on which Tovan intended to propose to her, Charva revealed that to secure these dreams, she planned to join the Tal Shiar and would not be dissuaded. The couple broke up.

Tovan and Rinna eventually settled in a mining colony on Hfihar, and Tovan found work in the local security force, proving his worth in a number of fights with various raiders, thieves, and pirates. Meanwhile Rinna apprenticed as a shuttlecraft pilot.

He later met another traveler, D'Vex, seeking recruits to create a new colony on the backwater world Virinat. Tovan's reputation for skill and honesty as a security officer made him a natural choice. Rinna, however, would not be joining him, as she had found work as a star pilot. The two went their separate ways and Tovan joined the security force in a small agricultural community on Virinat. (STO website: Dev Blogs)

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Tovan Khev may be meant to be a relative of Lhaesl tr'Khev, given that they have the same surname.

Khev is the only bridge officer in Star Trek Online who is not removable. Like K'Gan and Elisa Flores he also cannot be renamed.

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